Friday, July 09, 2021

Posted 9th July Afternoon:

Much awaited active phase of Monsoon 2021 has started and expected to further push Monsoon to cover All India (Including Delhi).. 
Delhi NCR: Monsoon arrival likely by 11th July. Humidity increasing over northwest plains due to southeast winds. Thundershowers likely on 11th and 12th, and particularly heavy  on 12th.

Kerala, coastal Karnataka and Kaveri catchment areas in the Ghats likely to get heavy rain from today 9th till Sunday 11th July. 

With the strengthening of west coast offshore trough, rainfall expected to increase along the Konkan-Goa coast from today and increasing further on Sunday 11th July  into the week beginning 12th July.. 

Mumbai and MMR: Heavy Rains  from Sunday into next week. 
Maintaining the earlier forecast of increase in rainfall from weekend, Rainfall will increase from Friday 9th  and with some heavy thunder spells on Sunday 11th  & Monday 12th..
Can expect heavy falls on Sunday thru Tuesday with possibility of  45-85 mms (avg) per day on Sunday/Monday.

Pune: Increase in Showers frequency from Sunday 11th. Into next week, there will be frequent moderate showers in Pune. Cool days at maximum 25c from Sunday into next week.

Goa: Very Heavy rainfall likely from Sunday 11th thru next 3/4 days...Cumulative around 200 mms for the period.

Marathwada region (Aurangabad, Jalna, Osmanabad, Latur, Nanded): Light to moderate rain on 9th and 10th, possibly increasing from 11th July and good rains for next 4 days.. 

Vidarbha region will also see moderate rain/Thundershowers on 9th and 10th, with some increase on 11th. 

Monsoon reviving in Gujarat Region from 10th. Wait for a few more days for Saurashtra revival.
Surat/Valsad can get Thundershowers from 10th and 11th July and extended rains into next week. Around 10-30 mms /day..
Vadodara, Bharuch and Ahmedabad can also get Thundershowers on  11th & 12th July.

Bay low BB-5 likely to form by 11th July off the north AP coast and track in a west-northwest direction ( Along a trough created) across Telangana and Vidarbha region. 


Vinod Desai said...

Can we say patan will have same forecast as Amdavad. It is around 100km North north west of amdavad.

Momin Photographics Udupi said...

Hope monsoon revives, heat and humidity is unbearable.

Imran Waingankar

Rajesh said...

Vinod: yes, i would say around same..if there is change i will inform in this space.

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