Thursday, July 29, 2021

 Posted 29th Afternoon:

Outlook for the weekend next 3 days. 

Mumbai: Last few days Mumbai has been getting some occasional passing showers/ sunny periods in parts of city.

On Friday 30th, Mumbai can expect a little more rain and increased frequency. (Say around 25-30 mms)

But this will be on Friday, and Saturday /Sunday may be back to occasional showers. (Upto 10-15 mms/Day).

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Pune: Pune has been getting scattered showers in parts of the city. Friday 30th will see a slight frequency increase, restricted to one day. Pleasant weather  with temperatures ranging between 28-21c. Windy conditions.. Making it feel 20c at night. 

Ghats region around ( Lonavala/Mahabaleshwar) will get frequent passing showers. Few heavy. Foggy weather. Around 40- 70 mms per day. 

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