Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Posted 14th Wednesday Night

For Mumbai next 2/3 days ( Thursday/Friday/Saturday):

Mumbai is getting frequent showers currently. Colaba received 39 mms & Scruz 9 mms ( All locations got between 9 & 40 mms) in the day on Wednesday. 

Same, frequently heavy showers to continue for next 2/3 days. Very windy during showers and pleasant. 

Pune: occasionally raining on Thursday. Rain strength getting lighter on Friday & Saturday. Cool days. 

Aurangabad District :  like happening now, showers will continue for another 1 day. Slightly less after Friday. But not absolutely dry. Cool weather. 

औरंगाबाद जिल्हा: जसे आजच्या सारखे, सरी आणखी 1 दिवस सुरू राहतील. शुक्रवार नंतर थोडेसे कमी पण पूर्णपणे कोरडे नाही. थंड हवामान

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