Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Posted Wednesday 23rd Night:

A new Low, BB-8, is expected to form off North A.P./Odisha coast in the Bay around the 26th. 
Monsoon Axis likely to assist the Low to merge. BB-8, seems as of now, will strengthen (on land)in the trough and cross the Indian mainland moving West on crossing the coast. 
If things shape up, then i would not rule out good rains in Gujarat after 28th.... Possible, it seems now, that the strengthened BB-8 could re-emerge in the Arabian Sea off Gujarat. 

No meaningful increase in rains in Delhi this weekend. Maybe the stray thunder shower in some parts...for the North West region development, we shall observe the cloud spread from BB-8.
We wait and see the exact track...and also to see if there is any rains for Sindh from BB-8.

More of this will be clear in 2 days no commitment today !

Mumbai: After a hot 3 days break in rains, Mumbai will see increase in rainfall from Friday 25th. Starting Friday, Mumbai will see a moderately wet weekend with daily rains of about 30-45 mms.

Weekend Posting tomorrow ( Thursday).


Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,in your weekend forecast do mention weekend forecast for roha,nagothane,pen,etc.

Abhijit Modak said...

Bangalore 42mm rainfall ending 8.30am today. With this crossed 300 mm rainfall for Aug as 314mm till today.. So proved an wettest Aug in 19 yrs !! All time record for Aug month is of 387mm. Info from Joseph an Bangalore weather blogger

Vijayanand said...

From 15th August early morning , we have been getting rains daily in Bangalore. So 9 days of continuous rain with out break for a single day. Do not remember anything like this.

Yesterday massive rain in NE bangalore.


My place got 19 mm in extreme south

My place gottigere at 686 mm for the year. The normal till month end is 510. So a big difference. Almost 250 mm this month in Gottigere.


Vijayanand said...

Yes Abhijit ...amazing 9 days of rain. Most places in South and CBD over 250 mm for the month.

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