Sunday, August 20, 2017

System moving NW and precipitation heading towards South Gujarat coast and Eastern Gujarat & Eastern Saurashtra

Scruz records 101 mms and Colaba 58 mms in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm Sunday.
Pune cool at 19.4c at 8.30 pm Sunday.

Rains and cold day in Western Maharashtra (including Mumbai ) on sunday.
Readings from 8.30 am - 5.30 pm IST Sunday:
Mumbai Colaba : Max temp   26.4c and 43 mms  
Scruz                                       25.6c        86 mms....Lowest Max temp in 10 years (August)
Ahmadnagar                             20.2c         112 mms
Pune                                          22.1c          43 mms...19.9c at 5.30 pm
Pune AP                                    21.8c          50 mms
Nasik                                         23.1c            9 mms
Mahableshwar                          18.1c            22 mms  ....15.6c at 5.30 pm     
Matheran                                   23.0c         105 mms
Rabale                                                           91 mms
Badlapur                                    24.4c           94 mms
Parbhani                                     23.9c           51 mms

Aurangabad                               24.0c           35 mms

Posted Sunday 20th August Evening:
BB-7 deepens in Maharashtra...
The drought prone Marathwada region of Maharashtra received the much needed rains from BB-7. As we expected, sorry, much more than we expected ! ..
Some rainfall amounts as on Sunday morning ended 24 hrs from Marathwada: Pimpalgaon ( Nanded) 230 mms, Nanded 207 mms, Dharmabad ( Nanded) 182  mms Osmanabad 151 mms, Latur 150 mms,  Parbhani 97 mms, Udgir 95 mms.(Thanks Abhijit)
As Abhijit says, Marathwada has received a Relief Package !

Kuntala in Telengana measured 280 mms. 

On Saturday, Regions of Navi Mumbai too received good rains: Vashi 123 mms, Airoli 97 mms, Belapur 83 mms, Ulve 82 mms, Khargar 76 mms and Nerul 73 mms.

As on Saturday Thane total rainfall is 2261 mms  (2603mms last year).

Mumbai Lakes received good rains this year as compared to last year:
                                    2017                 2016
Modak Sagar              2389 mms ...  2354 mms
Tansa                          2217 mms...   2055 mms
Up Vaitarna                2674 mms...   2132 mms
Mid Vaitarna              2362 mms...    2234 mms
Bhatsa                        2324 mms...    1956 mms.
Our Vagarian Jayesh Mehta informs us : Lakes show a Storage of 1330 Mcum against total full capacity of 1447 Mcum. 93% full.
@ 3.8 Mcum daily usage, Mumbai has stored water for 350 days..upto 5th August 2018.

Rains continue in Western Maharashtra on Sunday...more details coming here today....stay tuned


Maharashtra Weather said...

Sir, What is forecast for Nashik? Tomorrow also chances of rain?

sset said...

seems GUJ may get extreme spells?

Avtansh said...

Mumbai Scz - Lowest maximum temperature in the last 10 years for the month of August? Or any monsoon month?
What are the all time records for June, July, August and September? In case anyone has them readily available. Thanks.

sset said...

IMD maintains MAHA red alert! with aug 10 days to go - highly likely Mumbai city crosses 2000mm (thane / navi mumbai already crossed)

Vijith Menon said...

Great updates Rajesh sir
Hope this spell wipes out the tears of Maha farmers

Cumulus arjun said...

Mumbai santacruz - 101 mm 8:30pm
Mumbai Colaba - 58 mm 8:30pm

Abizer kachwala said...
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Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir,truly your forecast was how do you see the weather in the next 3 days..,i.e.pen,roha region.....

And if anyone has rainfall data for Nagothane..please tell

Shri said...

Great updates Rajesh sir.. I guess the major rains are over for Mumbai..just a lite drizzle here in Mira rd (North Mumbai) since morning.

1st March: Mumbai: Parts of Mumbai received light drizzles on Thursday Night. Though rain was predicted in Interior Maharashtra, from an upp...