Saturday, August 19, 2017

Posted Saturday Night:

Mumbai: Sunday will be cloudy with frequent showers, some heavy. Rainy atmosphere..with cooler days.  Intensity and frequency will increase from evening. 
Monday will also see frequent and intermittent rains. Again, heavy showers and persisting (maybe with thunder) in many parts of city.

Pune: Sunday: Overcast/Rainy day with the day not exceeding 24c. 
Monday will also be overcast in the day with cool weather. Frequent light to moderate rains.

Ahmadabad: Gradually increasing rainfall from Saturdayday night thru Monday. North Gujarat will see moderate to heavy showers in many places on Saturday night and Sunday. Decrease from Monday evening.
Ernakulam region will get the passing showers next 2 days with rains averaging around 20-30 mms/day. 
Erode region will not see any significant increase.

No major rainfall in the Sindh region. Very light drizzle likely on Monday in Southern Sindh and Karachi.

Posted Saturday Evening:
BB-7 wants to beat Vagaries at its forecast and advanced itself by a day !

Mumbai: We expected it on Sunday. it commenced on Saturday...Some Northern parts of Mumbai had heavy showers on Saturday. However, the rains were less in Central and Southern Mumbai.

For example, SantaCruz received 40 mms from 8.30 am-5.30 pm while Colaba observatory measured 10 mms in the same period. Around , Rabale (New Mumbai) measured 25 mms ( seemed like > 100 mms to residents there). So, between the two observatories, the average was 25 mms for Mumbai, more than what Vagaries had expected for Sunday also.
Abhijit  provides  some extreme rainfall for the same period in Mumbai's North-West and Northern regions: Ghatkopar 119 mms, Bhandup 113 mms, Vikhroli 94 mms,  Kurla 60 mms. 

Pune saw a high of 25c and Nasik 25.4c on Saturday. Sunday will be cooler.

Meanwhile, on Saturday 19th, good rainfall occurred in Vidharbh as expected...Chandrapur got 45 mms, Amravati 27 mms , Yeotmal 25 mms and Buldana 23 mms. 

Coolest day in the State was at Mahableshwar where the day's high was 19.1c and Buldana where the high was 23.7c.

Rains also arrived in some areas of  New Delhi a day in advance...with S'Jung measuring 23 mms on Friday , and the thus saving the day from going extreme, as it stayed at 29.6c.

Hyderabad saw a high of 25.7c with 6 mms of rain till 5.30 pm Saturday.
Indore received showers measuring 31 mms overnight rains.

Mumbai, Pune and other forecasts coming up tonight at 11 pm IST...will try to give forecast of city on request.


NilaY Wankawala said...

Ghatkopar 119 and scruz just 40. Eastern suburbs overtaking western suburbs. What a super quick update Rajesh sir and Abhijit.

Abhijit Modak said...

Some more rainfall till 8.30pm today :
Mulund 107mm
Palghar 78mm
Thane 75mm

Unknown said...

Pls provide Erode district (TN) forecast. Also on Ernakulam.

Abdul Jabbar said...

Sir Kindly include SE sindh Thar Region.

Vinod Desai said...

Please tell about north gujarat as well.

Nilesh Ladhad said...

Sir. What about Valsad?

Vijith Menon said...

Rajesh sir - how do u see the lakes area rainfall and also marathwada area bcoz of BB7

sset said...

Torrential rains since last 2 days navi mumbai - belapur - panvel

Vijayanand said...

BANGALORE rains continues. 6 days of continuous rain.

IMD BANGALORE AT 65 cms. Normal till month end is 51 cms.

My place at 64 cms. Last 6 days rain in mm:

87 , 22 , 9 , 14 , 10 ,24

South and CBD of bangalore at 18% to 25% excess.

sset said...

Mumbai lakes receive more rain in 2017 than 2016
Taken from midday

With the monsoon inching closer to a finish with every passing day, the city's water resources are looking more ready to take on the coming year. Seven lakes have already crossed 92 per cent of their total storage capacity.
Except for the two lakes that are located in Mumbai region, Tulsi and Vihar, the five lakes that are in Palghar and Thane regions have received more than average rainfall. While Modak Sagar received 2,354 mm rainfall last monsoon, this year it is slightly better with 2,389 mm; in the case of Tansa, 2,217 mm rainfall has been recorded as opposed to 2,055 mm last year.
The Upper and Middle Vaitarna have received 2,674 mm and 2,362 mm, respectively, as opposed to 2,123 mm and 2,234 mm in the 2016 monsoon.
The largest lake that alone stocks over 30 per cent of Mumbai's water supply, Bhatsa has received rainfall of 2,324 mm, about 300 mm more than last year which was recorded at 1,956 mm. And, now with the increasing water levels and with another month of monsoon still left, the civic body is hoping that full storage capacity of the lakes will be achieved and water woes of the city may come to an end.

sset said...

IMD had put red alert for AP (extreme rains) but hardly it rained. Bad luck otherwise it would have been good for farmers and "Harita Haram"

sset said...

Dense convection covers entire MAHA / specially Mumbai will this trigger a massive extreme spell, will this strengthen and move over GUJ/RAJ - deadly spells?

sset said...

Always combination of west coast offshore trough and Bay low has proved to be lethal for MAHA/GUJ/RAJ - will great flooding happen??

NilaY Wankawala said...

Delighted to know about lake levels Mumbai. Although city has recorded less rainfall happier to knw rains have been hitting the right areas for mumbai. Thanks sset for enlightening us on lake levels in Mumbai.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Kuntala (Telangana) ..280 mms of rain in 24 hrs

Shreyas Dhavale said...

This spell of rain has come as a blessing for interior Maharashtra especially Marathwada and Vidarbha better not criticize it and even if it rains in Gujarat/Rajasthan because of this then its good as dry spell of 3 weeks will end there.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks to Shivkumar for Kuntala(Telangana) data

Rohit Aroskar said...

Telangana, Nizamabad ..96 mms

Rohit Aroskar said...

Andhra has received good rains in past couple of days ..yesterday was widespread as well..
@ Rains during past 24 hrs@
•North Andhra .. Srikakulam dist..Burja 53 mms
•Central ..West Godavari dist..Jangareddigudam 55 mms
•South ..Nellore dist ..Sulurpeta..47 mms

Rayalseema has also received good rains ..
..Bommanchal 57 mms ..The rains have continued this morning with Penkacherla reporting 31 mms in 3 hrs today morning..

Shreyas Dhavale said...

Much needed rain for water starved interior as well as coastal Maharashtra due to this system and its pull effect...even if it gives rain to Gujarat/Rajasthan, its good as it will end the 3 week dry no need to crib about these regions getting rain

sset said...

Good news - many regions of marathwada/vidarbha receive 3 digit rains range of 200-300mm in 24hrs! Widespread for interiors!

sset said...

Torrential downpours navi mumbai 3rd day non-stop! Nanded Marathwada - 250mm!

sset said...

MAHA entire Godavari basin may get flooded due to torrential downpours - may benefit AP.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Source IMD

C R F all over India till 19 08 2017 591.5 mm actual

C R F all over India till 19 08 2017 623.2 mm normal (51-2000)

% departure - (minus)5% till 19 08 2017

Rohit Aroskar said...

Many regions of Telangana receive 3 digits rain ..Nice

NilaY Wankawala said...

Fantastic quick updates pouring in from Rohit making the blog leader in readings recordings for readers.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Cold day conditions in North Konkan ( including Mumbai) , Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada..Its rainy, cold , dark..

2.30 pm temps today , Mumbai @ 24 c , Pune @ 20 c , Aurangabad @22 c, Solapur @ 22 c , Mahabaleshwar @ 17 c ..intermittent winds making the temps feel more cooler ..

Rohit Aroskar said...

Many stations in madhya Maharashtra have reported min temps in the range of 18-19c today morning..Osmanabad ( Marathwada ) @ 15 c min ..Mahabaleshwar min 16.6 c , Matheran ( North Konkan ) min 18.5 c ..

Lowest temp in Telangana today morning @ 19.2 c

Vinod Desai said...

Yes its so dark and cold with continuous rain..hope this is same for whole of maharashtra with including ghat areas.

Posted 7th Night:   Many regions of Western, Central and some parts of Northern plains of India to heat up to above normal temperatures on 9...