Saturday, October 17, 2015

Posted Friday Night:
Heat in Gujarat and adjoining North Konkan.

Heat Wave and Heat Record for Mumbai Santa Cruz:
Friday 16th October 2015 turned out to the Hottest October day ever for Mumbai S'Cruz...Recording 38.6c (5.2c above normal).On Thursday, S'Cruz saw a high of 37.2c.
The previous hottest was on 23rd October 1972 when 37.9c was recorded.

Mumbai S'Cruz  Last 10 years hottest Days in October were :
Year     Temperature(oC)
2014 37.2(24)
2013 36.5(20)
2012 35.9(29)
2011 36.3(28)
2010 36.0(2)
2009 36.8(30,31)
2008 37.0(16)
2007 36.1(19)
2006 36.8(18)
2005 36.4(14)

Mumbai Colaba saw a high of 34.8c on Friday...far from its all time October high of 39.5c on 22nd October 1968.

Hottest in Asia was at Makkah (on Friday 16th): 41c
Hottest in India was at Bhuj which was 39.6c...Veraval followed at 39.1c. Surat was 38.6c.( Surat October record is 41.4c on 16th October 1987.) Ahmadabad was 38.4c.

Pakistan Heat:
Hottest Places on Friday 16th:  Mithi 40c, Sh. Benazirabad, Chhor, Lasbella, Padidan, Hyderabad 39c.



Sir when can we in Mumbai expect cool mornings n cool night.because now a day. days are extremely hot and nights are also hot.

Unknown said...

Rajesh, congratulations on your million milestone. To all your team members too. The type of energy that you bring into your blog I can feel the "thunderstorms" through the pages each time. And when you say that the low pressure would move west north west, I can visually see it doing so. It dare not disobey you !!!! Thats the power and enthusiasm you bring into your forecast, a joy for a reader like me with very little technical knowledge on the weather. I can easily see this "million" getting converted to many "millions" in the not so distant future. I also appreciate that you give credit to IMD too as they have also been quite consistent this year. Truly nice of you to do that. Heres wishing Vagaries more success and happiness. May the success thunder and pour on you !!!! Suresh
P.S : I have not met you but the coffee is still on me. Cheers !

Rawat said...

Rajesh sir, when will a strong WD hit north?

Rajesh said...

Thanks Suresh...its with all the support that i get the encouragement.

Anoop: A WD expected on 20th and a stronger one again on 26th.

Khyati: Mumbai will see nights dropping in temp from 22nd, as the winds change.

Narayanan chennai said...

I feel Mumbai heat will reduce from Oct last week when continental air starts moving to Indian main land.

Unknown said...

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