Monday, October 05, 2015

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Moderate Thunder Showers in Mumbai on Sunday night...and in some parts of Madhya Mah.

Mahableshwar 57 mms, Ahmadnagar 27 mms, Satara 14 mms, Kolhapur 11 mms, Mumbai (Vagaries) 8 mms, Colaba 4 mms, Mumbai Scruz 0.2 mms.

More Rain figures from Pradeep:
Rain continues for 3rd day in Maharashtra, ending 8.30 am on 05.10.2015 
Andhra - 115 
Sawargaon - 92 ,Belwandi - 85 ,Deshing - 84 
Dhom Balkawadi - 81 ,Wada - 79 ,Suratgaon - 77 ,Wadgaon Maval - 76 
Wadgaon - 76 ,,Amboli - 70 ,Lanja - 67 
Dahiwadi - 66 ,Hotagi - 65 ,Korti - 65 ,Panhala - 65 ,Adarki - 64 ,Nazara - 63 
Pangari - 62 ,Radhanagari - 62 ,Bhama Askhed - 61 ,Kodoli - 61 
Khadkala - 60 ,Wathar Station - 60 
Khatav - 60 ,Malwadi - 60 ,Wai - 60 ,Vita - 60 ,Andhali- 60 ,Khand - 60

AN UAC is prevailing in Bay off the Odisha coast, in fact, a bit to the Central Region of the Bay.
Another UAC has formed off the Karnataka. This is a result of the Easterly wave pushing a pulse westwards( which was explained few days back).The easterly wave still prevails to dominate the UAC.

This ( UAC) is to be observed, as it can descend to a Low. Tracking the Low, (when it forms) will be done. Now it seems it will track West..but will observe...will update tonite.
In lieu of this Karnatak coast will get heavy rains, with heavy falls in Goa.

The Monsoon axis runs from Southern Sindh (West end) towards the 20N line over Maharashtra. From Maharashtra, the axis runs due East along the 20N line and its Eastern end is over Myanmaar (again along the 20N line.)


Rawat said...

sir, when will heat decrease in NCR.

sset said...

Prdeepji pls yesterday yesterday MAHA numbers...Arabian sea low again over sweet spot "GUJ waters" !!! GUJ manages to grab all lows (AS as well as Bay). Recent system over central bay supposed to hit south AP/ North TN vanished. Systems over AS at this time will prove huge hurdle for NEM... Last year we had Nilofer (oct 2014 over AS)...
Again massive rains over Navi Mumbai..

Rajesh said...

sset: You have been commenting in Vagaries almost since inception of Vagaries. We also understand you are a keen weather enthusiast, and read and follow many a weather blogs. In fact many Indian and foreign weather depts and blogs acknowledge your comments.
At Vagaries, it was stated that to be more personal and close, we must not write or comment in "hidden" names, but give our name frankly and be more open. "sset" now remains the only comment writer with an unknown I.D.
Your views and comments are welcome, but please give and identify yourself with your name.

Pavan said...

Thankyou Thank you Rajesh sir��

Avtansh said...

sset, your massive rains in Navi Mumbai amounted to 5 mms in Belapur. Lol.

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