Thursday, October 15, 2015

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One Million ! That's some Achievement !...Its 1 million page views.. with the support of readers and followers of Vagaries !
I am overwhelmed by this achievement and by the warmth received from so many friends around the country and across the borders, who have interacted with vagaries over the past years. I am deeply honoured by your trust, and truly inspired by your confidence. This is a cherished moment for me and a memorable moment for Vagarians.

Special thanks to the friends from IMD (and all Regional Centres), IITM, AccuWeather and CustomWeather for their constant support to Vagaries. 
Vagaries has now several co authors to cover regional weather details.
With contributions from Vagarians Abhijit, Arpit, Atul, GSB, Pradeep, Rohit and Waqas, as co-authors, Vagaries has reached out to various sections and readers with regional reports. They have helped Vagaries mantain its standard and place in the international arena of Weather blogs.

Constant interaction with friends and readers, has helped me in bringing Vagaries up to international status and has spread the viewer ship globally.
I also thank all the readers for their comments, support, inputs and suggestions.

Vagaries is able to scale this heights due to its integrity and straight forward views. Readers now trust and have full faith in whatever is printed.

My theory has always been to put in facts and explanations of my estimates and forecasts. Each prediction has been as far as possible supported by charts and reasoning as to why it could be so. Its always prudent for a meteorologist to give reasoning and explain his views. Not just prophesies.
Things may eventually fall in place or go either way. Like I said, I am a meteorologist, not a magician.

Vagaries also feeds it readers with as much information as possible and with extreme records and events. 


Majid Nasim Ahmad said...

Congratulations to Rajesh and Vagarians Abhijit, Arpit, Atul, GSB, Pradeep, Rohit and Waqas on reaching 1 million views. I visit your page everyday for updated weather information. Although I live in Pakistan, you also keep Pakistanis updated with the weather in our country. Thanks a million to you too. Keep up the good work!

Rajesh said...

Majid Ahmad: Thanks a lot for your support and kind words. With so much following from Pakistan, would like to cover your region more now.

Narayanan chennai said...

Congratulations vagaries on your milestone

Rajesh said...

some responses on social Network Facebook:
Puneet Bangera: Congratulations to vagaries and me being a part in this group i appreciate & thank you to Rajesh sir and all vagarians for helping me out in queries and maintaining a good bond between all vagarians while having discussions. So kudos to vagaries.
Ashok Patel :Congrats Rajesh Kapadia !

Rajesh Kapadia: Thanks Ashok Bhai for your immense support and encouragement. You sir, are almost a founder member of Vagaries

Junaid T Golandaz: Privileged to be a part of vagaries family! Congratulations, cheers!

Rajesh Kapadia fact i am glad to have you as one of the founders smile emoticon

Snehal Potey Lage rago Rajeshbhai!!

RK Chaudhary: congratulations!!

Snehal Potey: Many more to come....salute!

Ronnie Bhaumik: Congratulations!!
Like · Reply · 59 mins

Rajesh Kapadia :Ronnie ardent Vagarian !

Abhishek Apte: Congratulations Sir! emoticon

Rajesh Kapadia: Thanks Abhishek...Its thanks to all vagarians

Shitij Jain Congrats sir

Naveen Reddy: Many congrats Rajesh sir

Santosh Subramanian: just awesome , happy to be a member of such a Family !!
A milestone achieved !! like emoticon congo Rajesh sir .

Rajesh Kapadia :Thanks for the constant support and faith in Vagaries Santosh Subramanian..been with this group since long

Santosh Subramanian: indeed and will be there always smile emoticon , this is the platform , it is the alma mater of weather for me ... and this is the place i found people similar to me .... thnx to u and Abhijit bhai who bought me here on the first leg ..

Rajesh Kapadia :Thanks to you and all vagarians Naveen Reddy

Amit Mishra: victory of interest nd this is the way

Gaurav Raninga: Congrats sir....I feel myself alone as a crazy weather lover before join this group but after meet u all I got a great platform to put my any weather related queries and always get satisfied solutions from intelligent senior vagarians.....really a great group cum family lead by great leader Rajesh Kapadia sir...

GSB said...

Oops... I missed this great milestone by a few hours....wanted to watch it live....

Fantastic achievement Rajesh are our inspiration....want to see the next one of 5 million soon....

Gurvinder S Bagga.

NilaY Wankawala said...

Congratulations Team VOW and Captain of the ship Rajesh sir... sorry am late in wishing but better late than never... More and more milestones on the way ..... keep progressing and adding many many followers for a perfect Forecasting .... cant stop quoting (although sir's instruction is to limit comment only to weather sure he will allow me this day)..

मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए- मंजिल मगर
लोग साथ आते गए और कारवां बनता गया .

Congratulations to all associated with VOW contributors followers owner and all readers ...

Nimish Thaker said...

Many Congratulations Rajeshbhai, 1 Million is really something. Wishing you and Vagaries all the best.

Ashish Gupta said...

Congratulations sir. Great achievement. Your forecasts this season have been outstanding in terms of accuracy. Carry on the good work!

Anonymous said...


Rajesh said...

From Social Network FaceBook:
Srikanth Kannan: Congratulations Rajesh Sir, possibly the trend setter for many weather blogs across the country. May you continue inspiring a lot more weather bloggers in the days to come

Mukesh Chandarana: Congratulations sir...

Arpit Sharma: Congrats sir...feeling proud to be a part of the vagaries family...

Vivek Kale: Congratulations Sir !

Salil Prakash Kawli: Google helped me to find out such awesome group and learn a lot about weather, and I got many weather freak friend's through it.

Engr M Waqas: congratulations sir... thanks to vagaries... feel blessed to b part of this forum... too much learning about weather... beside weather so many friends their love care etc... thank you so much to all... n Rajesh sir you always stay healthy n blessed n keep forecasting smile emoticon real loving family across borders... never felt as if i m from different country... its all about vagaries of the weather!! live long

Rajesh Kapadia: Engr M Waqas..Thank You for the kind words. Vagaries is lucky to have sincere and dedicated members from across the border to keep up its integrity. Weather , of course knows no borders ! Waqas, now knowledge and help to vagaries will always be appreciated.

Vishal Kelkar: Great to be part of enlightening journey

Pradeep John: Vagaries Blog is my dictionary. When ever i have dout. i refer Vagaries. More milestones are expected in the coming years.

Pradeep John: Proud to be part of Vagaries for last 5-6 years.

Vicky Moyal: Wowww
That's great
Proud to be part of this grp....See More

Rajesh Kapadia: Pradeep vagaries is incomplete without the "Rainman" smile emoticon

Pradeep John: Sir, thats the biggest compliment. Thank you. To our eternal friendship.

Kaneyen said...

Extreme individual success. I have NOT heard about the functions of atmosphere so clearly from anybody than you. Long live like atmosphere.

(தனி பெரும் வெற்றி. வளிமண்டல செயல்பாடுகளை மிகத் தெளிவாக இதுவரை தங்களை தவிர யார் சொல்லியும் கேட்டது இல்லை. வாழ்க எம்மான் நீவீர் வளிமண்டலம் போல் உயர்ந்து.)

Rawat said...

Thanks Rajesh sir making WEATHER favourite topic for so many people. congratulations on one million views

Unknown said...

Feeling priviliged to be a follower of vagaries of weather

Rajesh said...

Kaneyen; Thanks for the encouragement.
Thanks for your wishes Umer and Anoop

Evewrest said...

Oh wow!!! I was off for some days.. so a little late on this. But this is great news. Many many congratulations to Rajesh sir and Vagaries family on this milestone.

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