Monday, October 19, 2015

Mumbai : Heat and record Heat last 6 days  >>>
Scruz: October
20th:   37.1c -   24.2c
19th    37.5c -   25.3c             
18th :  37.4c -   25.7c             
17th:   37.5c  -  25.6c           
16th:   38.6c* - 22.4c         * Record All Time High for October      
15th :  37.2c - 25.4c          

Colaba: October  

20th    35.4c - 27.4c
19th    35.8c - 27.8c
18th    33.5c - 28.0c**     ** Record Night High for October
17th    36.1c - 27.6c
16th    34.8c - 26.5c
15th    34.8c - 27.4c.

Very weak Developments of Cumulus clouds (Towering) was seen in the NE and Eastern Sky of Mumbai on Monday afternoon...but to disappear soon....
Mumbai should get some relief from Thursday 22nd ..City may see a drop of around 2c in day and Night temperatures

The 2 comparison Graphs below  of same October periods of 2014 and 2015 ....shows heat and similar conditions prevailing last year also..

Mumbai Temps from 11th Oct-18th Oct 2014  ( first Graph below)

Temperatures of Mumbai from 11th Oct -17th Oct 2015 (Below)



Sir what about the temperature and weather condition for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rajesh said...

Khyati: No major change these 2 days...very light few drops fell in South Mumbai on Tuesday more stuffy.

Rajesh said...

See Pic on Mumbai Page of Tuesday morning

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