Friday, July 03, 2015

Heat Wave in Western Europe..Some Hot Spots on 4th July....See International Page

SWM Toppers is back, Top 20 Rainfall stations in India from 01.06.15 to 30.06.15

Its Mawsynaram and Cherrapunji all the way, none had the chance to catch them. Agumbe has got only 1323 mm and Amboli around 1250 mm is not in the list. The surprise is 2 stations from Tamil Nadu has made into the list it is not Chinnakallar or Devala. Its Parsons Valley and Avalanche from Nilgiris district.

in mm (min 1400 mm)
  1. Mawsynaram, Meghalaya - 4781
  2. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - 4355
  3. Parsons Valley, Tamil Nadu - 2166
  4. Shiragaon, Maharashtra - 2076
  5. Lamaj, Maharashtra - 2057
  6. Talacauvery, Karnataka - 2033
  7. Naladi, Karanataka - 1910
  8. Hosanagar, Karnataka - 1892
  9. Kottigehara, Karnataka - 1826
  10. Bhagamandala, Karnataka - 1820
  11. Amgaon, Karnataka - 1738
  12. Patherpunj, Maharashtra - 1684
  13. Avalanche, Tamil Nadu - 1663
  14. Tapola, Maharashtra - 1596
  15. Yadur, Karnataka - 1481
  16. Sangave, Maharashtra - 1472
  17. Mulshi, Maharashtra - 1470
  18. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra - 1443
  19. Kuttiyadi, Kerala - 1401
  20. Hulikal, Karnataka - 1400

This data is only for Vagaries, Kea Weather and Tamil Nadu Weatherman. I kindly request you to put source of this blog, in case you are trying to copy and paste the above in any other blog or website. Compiled by Pradeep for Vagaries.
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Posted Friday Night:
The Monsoon Progress Map is now removed from the right side, and the Latest Monsoon Surplus/Deficit % is put up (All India)
All India is +7% till date.

Seasonal Rainfall (in mm) from 1 June to 3 July, 2015
Region Actual Normal % Departure from Long Period Average
All India                           +7%
East & Northeast India      -4%
Northwest India               +17%
Central India                    +11%
South Peninsula                 +9%

Mumbai Lakes Storage as on 3rd July 2015 in Mcum:
Bhatsa  326, Vaitarna  89, Modak 64,Tansa 29,Tulsi 5 , Vihar 8, Middle Vaitarna 129.
Total Storage 650...33% taken as wastage, leakages, evaporation etc, Mumbai has actual  433.  And supply at 3.7 Mcum, city has  117 days of Water supply. 
Source WRD (Mah Govt) .

All Major and Minor reservoirs of Marathwada have a total live storage of only 7% as on date. 
Jayakwadi has only 1% storage, and Lower Terna, Majalgaon and Manjra reservoirs 0% !  

As the reasons were explained, rains were seen in the Eastern States of Odisha and W.Bengal, and NE last 3 days. And weak monsoons elsehwere.( Monsoon will be weak for a couple of days now in East also).

Monsoon remains weak in the Peninsula next week also. But as mentioned in the 1st July Post, Point no. 4), a WD will bring rains to Punjab (India and Pak), and to Kashmir, H.P. and Utterakhand. Nepal will benefit from the inter action of WD and Monsoon axis. All this from 7th July.
Point no. 5 of 1st July post holds valid, and S.W. Monsoon may move into Rest of Sindh and Pakistan from 7th July.

Article for Lokmat Times (4th July) on Aurangabad and Akola Regions on Current Weather Page.or see direct at Lokmat Times Site...Page 3


Vinod Desai said...

Where is this shiragaon located in maharashtra.?

Pradeep said...

Shiragaon is located in Ratnagiri district.Here is shiragaon and Patherpunj.,+Maharashtra/Shirgaon,+Maharashtra/@17.377741,73.6106688,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bc1f7034611b74f:0xd728ab078ef417b2!2m2!1d73.6948234!2d17.3035428!1m5!1m1!1s0x3bc2031577a267ad:0xebaf225c857b59b7!2m2!1d73.6201004!2d17.4536496

Rajesh said...

See Vagaries views on Marathwada and Akola in Lokmat Times 3

sset said...

Guess as of today we have received more rain compared to 2014. June 2015 was wettest ever recorded. Apparently july 2014 was wettest - and rains started in force only after second week of july - guess present disturbance is due to pacific typhoons....

Kaneyen said...

The failure of "expected rainfall" in Chinna Kallar is an indication that the paradigm shift in SWM activity is to Eastern side of India or especially strong in the Bay branch. However the SWM pattern till July third indicates that SWM is Normal on Arabian Sea too. But JULY being the representative month for SWM, one has to wait and see. Because the (a) The Mascarene high is showing weak trends. (b) Expected Easterly Jet [TEJ] is not strong or pronounced over Chennai latitude.

hiren lakadiya said...


Wasim said...

What is the cause of this heat wave in Europe?

sset said...

usually now it is spring time for Europe after which august/September autumn starts all trees shed leaves (yellow colour) giving way to snowy winter. Best part being we can see natures all 4 seasons colours - of course in India northern hills parts also this can be seen. But some times Europe gets more heat during spring which they enjoy - it is rare event.

Sarfaraj khan said...

How is your forecast for mumbai region as there is almost no rain since last 10 days...
Hoping for positive signs..

Rajesh said...

Kaneyen: Thanks for your views. I am not sure that the Mascrene high plays a role at this stage of Monsoon. Initial stage for progress and strengthening of cross equatorial cross winds. 200 hp jets streams are season makers.

Pradeep said...

Kanyen. Yes Chinnakalllar very poor rainfall. But nilgiris got excess any co-relation.

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