Thursday, July 30, 2015

Friday 30th July Post (Night)...We have crossed 9.00,000 Hits .Thanks to All Vagarians 

BB-3, now a depression at 992 mb, is positioned in SE Bangladesh. Likely to track W/NW and weaken. Should weaken to 1000 mb by Sunday. 

An new embedded Low in the axis is likely to form in Central India by around 3rd/4th August.

As the erstwhile system in Rajasthan merges with the Monsoon axis, the Western end of the axis rapidly moves Northwards. Due to BB-3, the slope Eastwards of the axis is steep, sloping SE.

Friday 31st and Saturday 1st August..Heavy showers are likely in Kashmir, H.P. and Uttarakhand, Western U.P. and in Western Nepal. 

Rains increasing in both Punjabs on 1st August and continue on Sunday 2nd. 
(Gujrat in Pak Punjab gets increasing precipitation from Saturday. Saturday and Sunday showers will measure around 20 mms per day).

Heavy showers in Chattisgarh. Jharkhand and West Bengal.

Rainfall increasing (due to sectoral strengthening of the off shore trough) in South Konkan and Goa and Coastal Karnataka from Friday and effective thru till Monday.

Mumbai City: Friday and Saturday will see occasional showers, almost at regular intervals, and maybe accompanied with thunder. Friday may see around 25 mms and Saturday 20-25 mms. Sunday will see some sunny spells, with lesser frequency of showers, maybe around 15 mms.

Pune: Light drizzles in some areas, otherwise partly cloudy. 

Southern Punjab Region (Malout) will see a chance of rain on Friday, maybe around the region. Saturday will see more showers, with thunder, around 15 mms in the area. Sunday will be cloudy like Saturday with showers increasing to round 25-30 mms.

Kolkata: Having seen BB-3 weaken, and spread out its rain bands, the rain estimate for Kolkata needs revision. Showers on Friday & Saturday would average around 40-50 mms accumulated for the 2 days, and decreasing on Sunday.

Delhi NCR: Starting Friday, rains would be increasing on Saturday and more on Sunday. Chance of thunder showers on Saturday evening and Sunday, with cloudy skies and regular showers in the NCR.

Nagpur sees welcome rains starting from Sunday. Regular showers, some heavy can commence on Sunday and lead to heavy rains (40-50 mms) on Monday.

While Bangalore sees good chances of a thunder shower on Friday, Saturday, Hyderabad sees not much of rains this weekend.

North Konkan towns (Pen, Roha etc) will get passing showers amounting to 20-25 mms per day on Friday and Saturday, with rain intensity decreasing on Sunday.

Sudden Spurt of Unusual rains in Gujarat ..Bhuj and Ahmedabad Diagrams...See Current weather Page

See BB-3 making Landfall in Post Below..


Abhijit Modak said...

Ratnagiri's lowest ever rainfall record of 231mm in July 1899 remains intact !! As in last 3hrs of the day & on last day of July it surpasses that.. Was record type till 5.30am today morning as rainfall was just 8mm so July total rainfall was 228mm but heavy rain from 5.30am to 8.30am gave 49mm. So 57 mm rainfall recorded ending 8.30am today. And July 2015 total sum ups to 277mm. So no new record was created but can be term as second lowest July rainfall after 116 years!! So early morning off shore forming saved from making record!!

Sarfaraj khan said...

What about mumbai, isnt it the lowest july raunfall ever.

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir what will be the direction of low which you said is going to be formed on 3 or 4 august

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