Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rainfall recorded as on Saturday 25th Morning  (Last 24 hrs...Friday day and Night).

Mumbai Santacruz 29 mms and Colaba 34 mms (Avg 32 mms).
Panjim Goa 166 mms.

Kolkata Alipore 28 mms and DumDum 37 mms...Rains on Friday as the Low formation takes shape.

Posted Friday Night:

Goa lashed by heavy rains as 126 mms get accumulated in 12 hrs ended 8.30 pm IST....
Mumbai Colaba measures 32 mms and Santa Cruz 26 mms in the same 12 hrs on Friday.
Alibag a bit South of Mumbai recorded 8 mms.

Some cities in Kutch got between 10-20 mms of rain on Friday. Ahmadabad after receiving around 10 mms of rain last 2 days, see no rain on Friday. The city has received 50% of its seasonal rains till today...160 mms received .

A UAC forms from 850 hpa level upto 500 hpa level in the region of North M.P. on Friday. ..Estimated in the Sunday Forecast Chart. 
The Monsoon axis runs from West Rajasthan thru North M.P. and into North Bengal thru Northern Bangladesh and Eastwards into Northern Myanmar. 
As the UAC has formed, the Axis runs in the same line upto the 700 hpa level, a parallel upper level axis.

BB-3 will also form as the North Bay.
Rainfall shown in Sunday Chart around the UAC can get preponed to Saturday (around the UAC.).

Good rainfall in Sindh as on Friday Morning...Karachi Areas: Landhi 49, Faisal Base 33, Saddar 30, MOS 28, Jinnah Terminal 24, Model Observatory 18, Gulshan-E-Hadid 15, North Karachi 12, Masroor Base, Nazimabad 11.

Diplo 46, Shaheed Benzirbad 25, Paddidan, Sanghar 23, Mithi 18, Chacro 7 and Larkana 6 mms.

Rainfall reduces in the Sindh region on Saturday and Sunday. Some parts of South Eastern Sindh regions will get light rains.

Sindh Rainfall can increase from Monday...for which a fresh forecast will be put up on Sunday.

Posted Thursday Night:
At last ! Karachi drenched with a strong Thunder shower on Thursday 23rd evening...Lightning and Thunder report Vagarians from there...28 mms between 5 pm and 8 pm Local time..Another spell possible again late night. Friday may see light rainfall in the day, and decrease in intensity thereafter
Nawabshah also gets 21 mms in the same period on Friday.
Friday will again see some thunder showers in South coastal and mostly all towns of SE Sindh. 

Overall Outlook:
Friday 24th & Saturday 25th...Along the axis, Regions of Northern parts of M.P, Northern Rajasthan and NW India get moderate showers. 

Spurt in rainfall in Delhi NCR from Friday.
The Kolkata wet spell is on Friday and Saturday...Good rains on Saturday.

Sunday 26th.. A low can form in the Northern Bay, BB-3. This, and a UAC in Central India can bring the Monsoon axis a it more Southwards. Ver heavy Rains in around the 2 systems.

Mumbai sees a slight let up in rains on Friday and Saturday...with bright periods. There will of course be some showers amounting to around 20 mms.
Slight increase in rains again possible on Sunday with intermittent rain showers.


Anand said...

will these benefit kolkata with heavy rainfall

SVT said...

same places in Mumbai going to get lot more than 20mm rains today.

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir what will be the intensity of upcoming rains system in sindh???? what will be the amount of rain fall in sindh??? specially in shahdadpur district sanghar and central sindh????? please we are waiting for your reply

Rajesh said...

Anand: Kolkata can benefit from BB-3....

Muhammad Ali Dall: Expecting less rains in Sindh on Saturday and Sunday...can increase from Monday...shall put up on Sunday.

Rajesh said...

Nilesh: UAC over Arabian Sea shown in chart...and new formed today over M.P. Whats the confusion ? Arabian sea UAC will merge in a upper air trough in the North Arabian Sea.

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir what will be the intensity of rains from monday in sindh??? what will be the rain amount in different areas of sindh? is there any threat for sindh due to rains????

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir many people are spreading this rumor in social media that there will be very heavy rains in sindh some of them are calling those rains as devastating and some are posting that the rain amount will be about 400 to 500 mm so Rajesh sir please update us for weather forecast in sindh for upcoming rains we are waiting for your update,

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir what will be the intensity and amount of rainfall in sindh during upcoming rain system from monday? is there any threat to sindh or any particular area of sindh ???

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir,what will be the position of rains in roha ,pen regions in next four days .what will be amount.please answer.thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

many weather maps are showing severe rains in sindh we are waiting for your update RAJESH sir

sset said...

Seems RAJ/GUJ/MP will have excess rains this SWM. GUJ IMD has put "deep red" alert. NW states initially were forcasted to receive less rains have turned to be excess ones!!!!

Entire south including coastal KAR / KER very weak monsoon....TN "THUTUKODI" is driest place for SWM has received only 1 mm since june... left at mercy of NEM monsoon (if it happens)

northpole said...

sir your forecast was spot rain bhopal recive 50mm rain. and some cities like ratlam 170mm,dhar 80mm,ujjain80mm,indore50mm also recive heavy rain. flood like situation assuming because of the current low is going to be well marked and also bb3 is gradually becoming a depression.

SVT said...

Gujarat going to get extremely heavy rains next 3-4 days.

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