Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Posted Thursday Night:
Mumbai: Passing showers in parts of city...otherwise partly sunny. Around 5-10 mms of rain expected.
Pune will be partly cloudy with light rains in some parts.
Kolkata sees decrease in rains from Friday.

Map shows rainfall occurred on Thursday. With Monsoon Axis and BB-2.

BB-2 to track NW into East U.P. 
Heavy rains lkely in East U.P. and Bihar...potential local flooding.
Kolkata 66 mms overnight as on Thursday morning and 29 mms in 12 hrs on Thursday.
40 mms in Jabalpur and 24 mms in Goa in 12 hrs Thursday till 8.30 pm IST
Weekend report on friday Night

Posted Wednesday Night:
A brief report tonite..Next posting for the week end weather will be in detail...

BB-2 forms as a Low in the North Bay of Bengal, of the West Bengal coast...Low at around 998 mb, is embedded in the Monsoon trough.

Monsoon trough runs from Pak Punjab thru Southern Indian Punjab thru Southern region of U.P. and then thru BB 2 into Northern Thailand and Laos.
BB-2 now is expected to cross the Bengal/Odisha coast and move NW, into East U.P. regions...and if continuing, may crash into Nepal Himalayas...causing continuation of "break monsoon" conditions for the Peninsula.

Next 2 days, Thursday and Friday, good precipitation expected in North Odisha, Northern Chattisgarh, W.Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, East M.P. and Central U.P.
All along axis, from Punjab, Haryana and Delhi thru rest of U.P. we expect good rains on 9th and 10th. Western end of axis, The Punjabs, get heavy rainfall in places.

Mumbai, the wait continues... estimate for Wednesday and Thursday will be partly cloudy, with some very isolated passing shower in some areas. Around 3-5 mms per day where it rains.
Delhi NCR wakes up again to a rainy day on Friday. Rains and thunder showers on Friday will measure around 25 mms average.
Kolkata: Brace up again for another thunder showers on Thursday, expect around 30 mms again....but prepare for a decrease in rains post Friday...
Good rains in East M.P. and Shahdol gets showers on Thursday and Friday. Monsoon conditions and accumulated rains next 2 days will be around 60 mms.
Meanwhile Goa gets steady rainfall next 2 days, maybe getting around 25-30 mms per day. Coastal Karnataka too gets good showers .

Gujrat (Pakistan) will get moderate rains both days, about 8-10 mms per day.

Sindh , including Karachi, region will be hot.( Light rains were seen in parts of SE Sindh on Wednesday).Some thunder showers in few places in SE Sindh on Thursday.

Next Update for Saturday Sunday on Friday Night...Please put in your request for specific city forecast..will try to give it.


Unknown said...

Pls cvr akola


Dattaraj said...

Rajesh sir,
Any ideas when monsoon will revive in peninsular and N I Karnataka, Telangana. Thers is no rains from last 15 days in this region.

Please put forecast for Hyderabad, Bangalore.


Rawat said...

Delhi airport cool and reporting shallow fog . Visibility 600m

Rajesh said...

On suggestions, Changed Mobile template...have a look..

SVT said...

Hi Rajesh!Mumbai might get few showers next 24 hours but Looking at some long term forecast Mumbai will not get heavy rains till 18th July at least. When you expecting Heavy rains in Mumbai? When will we have active MJO here?

Anand said...

any forecast of major rainfall in kolkata .... @ above 100 mms

Rajesh said...

SVT: shall put up tomorrow for Mumbai (On friday) though things do not seem good as BB2 has moved NW, and may hit Himalayas as mentioned

Anand A. Effect of BB2, rains decrease from Friday..

Anoop: Yes, we expect a nice Thursday for NCR

Latif said...

kindly update regarding the upper sindh specially Mohen Jo Daro are surroundings. Is any chance of good rainfall?

Vinod Desai said...

New Mobile templete looks good.
What is forecast for north gujarat and marathwada for remaining days of july.

Rajesh said...

To get the various Vagaries Editions on Mobile Devices, I have enabled the desk Top Template for Mobiles.You may need to scroll , but this is the only way to get the various Editions like Vagaries North, Goa ,Pakistan etc.
Please let me know if it is convenient.

SVT said...

Thanks. Looking foreward to it. Just incredible that after wettest ever June we have got only around 30 mm rains last 2 weeks and same to continue for another week at least.

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