Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rains Lash Delhi...and BB-2 moves to South of Delhi s shown in Vagaries' Map...See full details and rainfall in Vagaries North

Posted Saturday Night:
BB-2 is now WML at North M.P. and adjoining SW U.P.

Day's Rains v/s Forecast

Rainfall in 12 hrs till 8.30 pm IST Satuday:
Gwalior 190 mms ( Core Green Area), Delhi Palam 90 mms, Varanasi 68 mms and Jhansi 40 mms ( Green region), Delhi S'Jung 58 mms, Lucknow 27 mms, Bhopal 15 mms...Panjim 11 mms.
As anticipated, Kolkata reduced to 2 mms.


Atul said...


As per thai meterological department chart cyclone 'chan-hom' is going towards japan direction. If I have interpreted your earlier posts properly then cyclone coming towards west send pulse in bay . Does one going in opposite direction (towards japan) impacts us badly? There is another cyclone 'NANGKA' whose direction is towards west at the moment. Will this help to create another low in bay?


Nandan said...

North east Gujarat me Baris ka chance kitne din bad he?

Rajesh said...

Atul: Yes, Typhoons ( Pacific ocean storms are termed as typhoons, not cyclones) can send a pulse in the bay when they curve towards the North or NE...and would take around 8-10 days to appear in Bay. Fav conditions like proper positive MJO and axis position is required. we can wait for the pulse from Nangka.

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