Wednesday, July 22, 2015

 Posted Thursday Morning:
In Mah. Akola notched 55 mms.
Mumbai Scruz 46 mms. and Colaba 49 mms. (Avg: 48 mms.)

Thursday will be partly cloudy with showers post noon. A few heavy in some parts.Decrease from Friday.

Some cities in Gujarat received very heavy rains in 24 hrs ended Thursday Morning:
Veraval 112 mms, Dwarka (Vagaries' projected city for heavy rains) 98 mms, Rajkot 74 mms, Valsad 72 mms, Naliya (Kutch ) 18 mms,Kandla 16 mms, Surat and Ahmadabad 10 mms.

Thursday: Rains decrease in Gujarat. Continue at moderate rate in most parts of coastal Sindh and South-East Sindh.
Moderate rains all over in M.P. and few places heavy.


Posted Wednesday Night:
Wednesday Rains

Gujarat Rainfall from 8.30 am-5.30 pm Wednesday:

Ahmadabad 9.8 mms, Valsad 22 mms, Surat 11 mms, Veraval 84 mms, Rajkot 71 mms (Between 5.30 pm -8.30 pm )

Rainfall decreasing in Gujarat on Thursday (See forecast in Tuesday Evening Post)

Mumbai Details:

Season's Rainfall:
Mumbai Colaba 946 mms  Santacruz 1251mms

Wednesday Rains till 8.30 pm :Colaba 48 mms, Santacruz 40 mms.

Mumbai City: Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd will see frequent ( on/off) showers  at regular intervals, a few of them heavy. Around 35-40 mms/day. Friday 24th will see a decrease in intensity, with bright intervals.

Mumbai Lakes:

Total rainfall from 1st June in Lakes till 22nd July: 
Bhatsa 943 mms, Vaitarna 888 mms, Modaksagar 849 mms, Tansa 838 mms, Vihar 1261 mms, Tulsi  1441 mms, middle Vaitarna  867 mms.

Total storage available 739 Mcum..out of full capacity of 1778  Mcum... Lakes filled at 
42%....Leaving 33% for leakages, Evaporation, etc, we have 492 Mcum left. And considering supply at 3.75 Mcum /day, Mumbai has 131 days of water storage on 22nd July.

Good overnight rains ( mms) in Sindh on Tuesday night: Diplo 72 Chhor 47, Mithi 42, Chahro 32, Islamkot, Nagarparkar 29, Thiali 15, Badin 08, Karachi A/P 02,

Mirpurkhas 01.


Unknown said...

Rajesh Sir what will be the intensity of current rain system over sindh? what will be the amount of rainfall specially in district sanghar? is there any possibility of heavy falls in sindh? if yes then where?

Tyrone said...

I think KHI south where I reside was much more that I could visually see. Maybe around 10+ mm. No way of recording though.

Sarvesh said...

Mumbai water cut looks imminent unless lakes get more water by july end,

Anand said...

any forecast for heavy widespread rain in kolkata

NilaY Wankawala said...

Lake position still gloomy let's hope improves sooner...

Vijayanand said...

Good rain in bangalore since sunday. Received evening rains on sun, mon , tue and wednesday. Its been typical july climate for the last 5 days.

sset said...

Myself have complete different opinion.... monsoon is very optimized and excellent over Mumbai- we cannot ask mother nature more inspite of typhoons and el-nino still nature has blessed MAHA/Mumbai/GUJ. We still have time till november...

Next low over bay will bring good rains to Vidarbha and ghat areas.

24 hrs of rain brings month supply to Mumbai lakes (Today Times of India)

In fact water content in lakes is 64% more compared to 2014 !!!!

(year) (million liters)
2015- 412512
2014- 251920

Rajesh said...

Anand/Anoop: Shall put up weekend outlook

sset said...

Another feather on cap for MAHA/GUJ extremes....
june 2015 650mm-700mm 24h rs rain in GUJ and july 2015 450-500mm 12 hrs rain in palghar MAHA has surpassed japan typhoon "Nangka" in terms of rains quantity. Typhoon maximum dump was 700mm in 72 hrs . This indicates low originated over bay- traverse central India - dumping 300-400mm of rain over MP - reach MAHA/GUJ dump again extreme rains of 400-700mm again in widespread areas is far more strong than typhoons... Now again same circulation is intensifying again over Arabian sea!!!! Intersection sea spot between GUJ Saurashtra and MAHA seems to be "sweet spot" for seeding of cyclones/lows..2015 3 times this has been observed in span of 2 months.

Thailand and SE Asian countries are suffering worst drought in decade due to typhoons which has taken moisture to china/japan. India is lucky to escape...

sset said...

Navi Mumbai pouring since morning.....

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir any update for sindh? what will be the rain amount in different areas of sindh ???? specially in district sanghar???? shahdadpur??????

Rajiv Kumar said...

Delhi NCR is completely dry. North India is not receiving any rain from few days. As axis is not moving northwards, is there a change in your forecast for increasing rain in delhi ncr?

Nilesh Ladhad said...

Sir, is there any UAC over Arabian sea near Saurashtra, Kutch Coast. If yes then whether it is same that was over M.P.
What will be it path and effects.
Little bit confusion over this UAC, if any

northpole said...

bhopal lash by very heavy rain today approx 110mm in just 3 hours and it is continue to pour down yo add up to the figure.

Avtansh said...

sset, there is no limit to your lying. I was in Navi Mumbai throughput the day yesterday. There was hardly any rain before 2pm. You've just made a joke of yourself on this forum.

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