Friday, July 31, 2015

Article on Marathwada to be Printed in Lokmat Times of Monday 3rd August..See Mumbai Page

Rajasthan Drenched by Heavy rains last week from System..see daily rainfall of last week of July in Vagaries North...and Goa Update in Vagaries Goa

July 2015  has turned out to be the 3rd driest July on record for Mumbai Santa Cruz...

This July (2015) saw 360 mms of rain, 286 mms in 1986 and the previous lowest was in 2002 at 103 mms.
Mumbai Colaba measured only 281 mms in July 2015. Though it is not a record...Lowest was a meagre 103 mms in 2002

Marathwada too is suffering from extreme scarcity...Aurangabad has seen only 14 mms this July. But this is not far, or negligible from the record low which was 11 mms in 1971.

Parbhani measured only 21 mms this year, but this not far, the lowest driest July on record was 15 mms in 1971.

Maharashtra Monsoon: 1st June - 31st July 2015

Tabulation by Vagarian Puneet 

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Shri said...

Hi Rajesh Sir,
Any chances of monsoon revival in the coming week for Mumbai ??..Will the off-shore trough strengthen ??

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