Monday, July 11, 2011

Not seeing a rosy picture today (Monday) for the predicted strengthening of the off-shore trough (west coast). Possibilities of this west coast trough gaining strength was seen earlier. But,due to the total fizzling out of the upper air trough, off shore trough will remain weak on Monday.
Hence, the Mumbai (and satellite towns) forecast for Monday stands changed to sunny with few showers. Rain amounts 10 mms. Next forecast tonite.

The scenario in the Bay remains hopeful for a low by tomorrow.


emkay said...

think off shore trough is off Kar-Kerala coast due to the activation in Bay.

BusinessLine reports few models have reported reenergisation of the La-Nina in the Pacific. Monsoon predictions of final phase may need reworking !!

NT said...

I guess after seeing heavy rains for a couple of days, the 'rosy picture' for Mumbai is to not have more heavy rains :-) in that sense the current situation is the rosy situation!!

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