Sunday, July 31, 2011

The all India SWM performance for 2011 as of end July is seen in this IMD map. Overall departure for the season is -4%. Corresponding Overall departure as of end July in 2010 was -5%, and in 2009 it was -19%.

For Maharashtra, Vidharbh region is the most deficit with -14%.
Gujarat is lagging behind this year. With East Gujarat region showing a deficit of -40%.Kutch is dry, with having received only 16% of its required normal seasonal rain. Lakhpat town in Kutch has received only 6 mms till end July Season's normal for this town is 360 mms.. Abdassa has totalled 22 mms.

Mumbai Page updated with July amounts and Sunday rain figures.


Anonymous said...

Vidarbha deficiency is deceptive, in a sense, some of the pockets are really in drought e.g. Wardha and surrounding.

Lakhapat, Jakhau right uo to sir creek area is always bone dry...but fascinating place, strategically imp and interesting bird life around the area. Best pomfret ..1 1/2 " thick!! comes from this area, spent many months around at sea ....potey

junaid said...

talasari got 50 cm. konkan goa got really huge figures,,,,,karnataka coast silent!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sir can u answer my question it is what is the amt of rain does dharwad (karnataka) got dis year why it is not raining in this part july was realy dry pl answr

NT said...

My rainfall estimates for Mumbai (SCZ) based on the data I keep:
Total Rainfall in the season: 80 inches
Total Rainfall in the month of July: 53 Inches!! This is around 50% higher then normal July rainfall. Some excess rain!!

Even if we have a normal August rainfall we should expect around 22 Inches of rain in Mumbai - SCZ which would be 40% of the current July rains and that would make August look much drier. Now if the August rains are lesser then average - due to a weak MJO then August would look really scanty as compared to July 2011 for Mumbai. I think that might answer the prayers of some readers wanting dry weather after all the July rain pounding.

Anonymous said...

very heavy rain from 8am to 9am in borivali (west). also very dark!

Anonymous said...

Rajeshbhai, Lonavla (not the town but base) rainfall for Jun 843 mm, Jul 2145 mm, 29 Jul - 90 mm, 30 - 31 Jul two days i.e. 8am to 8 am 329 mm..............potey

Anonymous said...

mumbai radar gone from the website!! so much for the "financial capital"!!

Pradeep said...

Rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2011 to 31.07.2011 (61 days)
Rainfall in mm’s (Min 2000 mm)

1. Kollur (Karnataka) – 4832
2. Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) – 4542
3. Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) – 4183
4. Agumbe (Karnataka) – 4166
5. Kadra (Karnataka) – 3445
6. Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) – 3384
7. Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) – 3233
8. Bhira (Maharashtra) – 3153
9. Rajapur (Maharashtra) – 3107
10. Quepem (Goa) – 3075
11. Gerosoppa (Karnataka) – 3046
12. Siddapura (Karnataka) – 3036
13. Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) – 3000
14. Lanja (Maharashtra) – 2970
15. Gorkhana (Karnataka) – 2960
16. Valpoi (Goa) – 2905
17. Kanakavali (Maharashtra) – 2832
18. Bhagamandala (Karnataka) – 2745
19. Sawantwadi (Maharashtra) – 2680
20. Chinnakallar (Tamil Nadu) – 2617

For more stats visit

NT said...

@Pradeep, thanks for the info, quite insightful. What surprises is that there is not a single town from Kerala and only one from NE. Are there any tradional heavyweights from Kerala that in a normal situation should be there in the list? 11 towns in top 20 are from Konkan-Goa showing the clear winner this monsoon!!

sridhar said...


Rajesh said...

Thanks Pradeep. Information provided by you is always eagerlt awaited.
Nt, There are 2 missing "kings" from the east. Buxa and passighat. NE is lagging, look at C'Punji at no.7 !
A few surprise entries this year like ratnagiri, which normally does not touch 3000 by end july..yes Mah. Have requested Pradeep to tab Tamini from next year, normally crosses 6000 annually.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajesh,

IMD is hinting at below normal monsoon for August and September in its latest update.
What's your take on August and September ?
i think may be you could throw open a Poll on monsoon performance.

Thanks, Regards, Ananth

S2 said...

hello vagaries,just a question do u think the UAC at BOB now will trigger the off shore trough again in the west coast when if possible the UAC moves in land???

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