Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The low in the Bay, BB3, has been acknowledged by IMD today, and is now off the North A.P./Orissa coast. At present, today, it is devoid of any clouding, but should attract clouds within 24 hrs. It could be in the west or southern segment.

The UAC over Gujarat mentioned yesterday persists over the Gujarat and adjoining M.P. region. We had expected this UAC to move west by Wednesday, but seems to have taken a voluntary delayed decision to stay put !
The vortex over Mah. has resulted in good precipitation in interior Mah and parts of Vid. Good precipitation is expected next 12 hrs in interior Mah. and eastern Vid, and in North Gujarat regions.

Konkan will get heavy rains on Thursday with heavy falls up to 150 mms.
Interior Karnataka and T.N. will be almost dry with very scattered rainfall.

As the Monsoon trough had moved North, Fairly good rainfall has commenced again in Eastern Nepal. Expect the rain to reduce for some time from Thursday evening thru Sunday.

Mumbai : A few prolonged heavy showers on Wednesday night.

Thursday will be cloudy with 3/4 fairly heavy showers of prolonged durations up to 30 minutes and high winds. Post late afternoon, the rain frequency will decrease. Rain amount average 35-40 mms.

Friday: Showers frequency decreases as compared to Thursday, and bright sunny intervals during day. Rain amount average 20 mms.

Pune: Light rains on Wednesday night. Thursday will be cloudy with a few showers in parts of Pune. Drizzling on and off. Clearing by evening.Rain amount 10 mms.

Friday: cloudy with a few drizzles in parts. Less precipitation compared to Thursday. Rain amount up to 5 mms.


Anonymous said...

Sir Tell me About Rains in Lower Sindh ? No monsoon yet :(

svt said...

After what happend in mumbai in the evening vagaries of mumbai monsoon (like waterlogged roads, traffic) looks nothing front of that.

Sridhar said...

Its raining full night in's flooded & still raining....I guess it must have rained over 150 mm...Rajesh iam afraid your estimate must have gone wrong this time around..:) guess it must have rained over 150 mm...Rajesh iam afraid your estimate must have gone wrong this time around..:)

sridhar said...

* sorry the last line got posted twice..) typing in the mobile can get funny some time..

Ron said...

rain in mumbai SCZ yest was 93mm..

Vishal said...

Raining consistently and bit heavily since last night. @ Goregaon Andheri

Rajesh said...

Ron. S'cruz measured 93 mms. Colaba got 57 mms. The average works out to 75 mms, as estimated by Vagaries. -:))for Thursday morning. Vagaries also mentioned a few spots in Mumbai with 100 mms, i beleive Mulund got 120 mms.

Anonymous said...

No rain in Pune today , of course the sky was quiet clear by evening. when do yoo expect rains to pick up in Ghat areas next . i saw lakes in Mumbai have got copious rains , much needed relief


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