Saturday, June 11, 2011

Current position of AS-1 system is 19.5N and 71.9E, as on 12.30 pm IST. Sat image of 12.30 pm IST ,Saturday. The centre is in the "dent" in the cloudings.

Clouding spiral band now covering SE quadrant also, Compare with 6 hrs ago. The reason Mumbai and North Konkan getting heavy rain.
As the trend shows a NW track, Rain intensity in Mumbai and Konkan should diminish (not stop) by late afternoon, not before that.
(This, checking on the AS-1 system seems to be going on for ever ! -:)))

The clouding shows the entire Southern periphery of the system to be enveloped alongwith SE now. With a central core, in the clouded periphery showing very heavy rains.

Proper Mumbai should get heavy rains thru the afternoon. See some decrease late afternoon early evening. Flooding sure in prone regions during afternoon. outer townships, may get some extended period of rains.


emkay said...

So finally it has taken shape as a tropical storm. Eye formed and seems rains in Mumbai may not stop soon.

emkay said...

AS-1 tracking NW now.

Anonymous said...

if you run a sequence of visual sat images you can see an "eye" which seems to be heading towards veraval. but still imd has no warning on the "cyclone page". how can such "not-yet-cyclone" system have such an "eye" ?


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