Thursday, June 09, 2011

As-1 Latest Status:

Currently at 19.5N and 68E, meaning having moved in a Westerly/North-Westerly track, and located SW off the Saurshtra coast. Indicators continue to estimate NW track next 12 hrs.
Sat image shows clouding in the SW quadrant and weaker clouds in the South and SE quadrants. Central pressure having fallen to 996 mb, the depression is now gradually upgrading itself towards the next notch.

Heavy rainfall and winds could commence off the Saurashtra coast by Friday night itself. It would be reasonable to expect rainfall in the range of 75-125 mms along the Gujarat coast, and 25-50 mms in the interiors of Saurashtra. South Gujarat may see rainfall in the 25-50 mms range.

Rain and winds expected in Sindh coastal regions from Saturday.

Rainfall in Mumbai and Konkan may reduce from Friday evening, as the off shore trough seems to be breaking, under "systems pressure".
Though the rainfall amounts of Konkan for Thursday are not in, nor available, we know of Ratnagiri getting 105 mms of rain till Thursday morning, that overnight, and another 75 mms in the day on Thursday. 175 mms in 24 hrs ended 5.30 pm.

Mumbai lived up to our forecast for Thursday put up yesterday, tallying to the quantum ! Colaba received 23 mms till Thursday evening and S'Cruz 38 mms. Vagaries had estimated 35 mms.

Friday will be cloudy with frequent rains during the day. Rainfall reducing by night.

The Bay system, BB1, (nomenclature changed to BB1, as suggested by our reader Ashokbhai. To avoid confusion with IMD name), has pulled up the SWM into A.P. and coastal Orissa. The NE states are geared up now to receive the SWM.
Nepal follows.

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