Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thought it fit to re-produce this very interesting weather fact from Jesse Ferrell, AccuWeather:

309,959,570 Lightning Strikes in Six Months:

Vaisala, the original lightning detection company that I have profiled before, sent this map showing nearly 310 million lightning strikes on Earth (specifically 309,959,570, they tell me) in the last six months via their Global Lightning Dataset:
The map looks similar to those from NASA's satellite estimates, but because it's only 6 months of data, it doesn't line up perfectly, and these are ground-based, not satellite sensors.


NT said...

Rajesh, the image cannot be opened and in it's current form it's difficult to see it. I tried increasing the window size of my browser to 150% but yet it's very difficult to see the details

Rajesh said...

nt, i'll try..sorry.

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