Monday, November 15, 2010

Very heavy thunderstiorms were reported today, especially from western Mah. As Ashish, Shiraz and Junaid report, the rains were widespread all over the region.
Yesterday, Jalgaon had very heavy rainfall of 84 mms.
I would attribute this continuing phenomena to the presently prevailing moisture inflow since the remnant low barged into saurashtra. Moisture is still hanging around due to the "sticky" UAC in the
region. (See maps).
Moisture still precipitates rains due to the Upper Troposphere Humidity, enriched by the system, and the favourable lifting index in the region is causing violent thunderstorms.(Map). This pushes the cumulus clouds to penetrate the upper atmosphere, sometimes up to 40,000 feet, and result in 2 layer lightnings within a cloud, and from cloud to ground.
On penetrating the upper atmosphere, these thunderclouds form anvils, and turn into cirrus clouds, which with the jet stream in the upper most layer of the atmosphere, move towards the west (along with the jet stream), and which is visible over the sky of Mumbai.

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emkay said...

imagine thunderstorm at dawn this time of year in panvel. continous dizzle from 0600 to 0830 hrs.

NT said...

I was at Kopargaon (very close to Shirdi, Ahmednagar District) over the weekend. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain started around 6 pm on Saturday, the rain lasting around 45 mins. Thunder and lightning however continued till 12 mid night with occassional very loud thunder. However, around 4 am on Sunday I witnessed one of the most intense storms that I have experienced. Extremely heavy rain (torrential) with ear splitting thunder and almost non-stop lightning. To say this was bizzare for this time of the year (and this time of the morning) would be an understatement. I don't have the rainfall figures but folks living there for 50 years told me they had not witnessed this kind of craziness in a long time.

While driving back on Sunday from there, there was continuous CB build up from Nashik till Mumbai with falshes of lightning around Igatpuri at around 3 pm in the afternoon.

Today's Gujarati paper carries an article on the front page about scary lightning and very heavyrain in Bhuj yesterday with lightning striking at 4 places in the town.

Don't know what is causing this, could be UAC as Rajesh mentions, however find it very strange and almost counter-intuitive to believe that the remnants of JAL is causing all this may-hem in the western region of the country for the past so many days

emkay said...

@NT, I too doubt it. But believe this is because of the total lack of WD currents this season. Even a coastal city like Mumbai was having too less humidity in the day yesterday but yet thundclouds moved in from the Ghats by night.

Junaid said...

lumvsothe thunderstorm at dawn at panvel was accompanied by intense lightning,.,,, and it delivered more precipitation than the afternoon 1........also in between contionous drizzle there wer periods of moderate rain...

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