Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Temperatures recorded on 30th. November 2010:

Hottest in Asia: Makkah: 36c,
Mumbai Colaba: 34.7c.

Coldest in India: Shyok (Ladakh): -22c,
Leh: -10c.
Coldest in plains of North India:Churu (Rajasthan): 5.8c

Coldest in South India;
Plains: Raichur: 14c, Hills : Kodaikanal: 6c

Coldest in East India:
Plains: Baghdogra: 11c, Hills: Darjeeling: 4c

Coldest in Mah.: Nasik and Mahableshwar: 16c.

Coldest in U.S: Fort Yukon (Alaska): -41c, Garden River (Alberta): -25c, Logan Cache and Milford (Utah): -25c.

Coldest in Europe: Totma (Russia): -37c, Roros (Norway): -27c, Samedan (Switzerland): -24c, Kramfors (Sweden): -22c,
Coldest in U.K: Inverness: -14c.

Coldest in Greenland: Constable Pynt: -11c.
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Do they have a weather observatory in Shyok ??

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