Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry for the break in the blog, had excused myself for this trekking and camping breal in the western ghats of Goa. Tired and spent out, i write this brief note on the present situation, and shall not deal with the weather of the past 4 days.

yes, as Junaid and emkay have informed us, there was some really heavy rains in panvel and Khargar, with Panvel IMD recording 6 cms. (Junaid feels it should be much more). And on the way (by bus) from Goa on Sunday night/Monday morning, I saw a continuous signs of precipitation r
ight from Poladpur thru New Mumbai.
The low pressure area over east central and adjoining northeast Arabian Sea, now at 1004 mb, persists. It is suorrounded by a larger area elongated belt of 1006 mb. Now, the UAC associated with this extends upto 1.5 kms a.s.l.or 700 hpa level.Meanwhile, the trough that this low was embededin from Lakshadweep area to the centre of the low pressure area has become less marked. But, this low has pushed in moisture into Gujarat, M.P, Delhi and Rajasthan.
I think this low will not cross the coast at all, but will actually fizzle out in the sea by Wednesday.

Rains along the west caost, and north Konkan belt for a day on Wednesday, before tapering out from Thursday. Meanwhile, another UAC lies overLakshadweep area.
For the weekend estimate, I'll watch the UAC in the southern Arabian Sea.

On the 20th. an W.D. interacted with the inflow of moisture, and precipitated snowfall in H.P.
But, since this snow, and some light rains in Rajasthan were as a result of a system from the Arabian Sea (and not a W.D.), i dont expect any meaningfull fall in temperatures in the North, as is generally associated with rain and snow.

Mumbai Forecast on Mumbai Weather Page.
See inter active page for lightining hit in Mumbai harbour.

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