Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The low pressure area over northeast Arabian Sea and adjoining Gujarat Region has become less marked, and the pressure measures 1008 mb.

The UAC previously over south Kerala and neighbourhood now has has merged with the above system.

With this, as we witness the Arabian Sea systems now fizzling out, a marked decrease in rains in Mah and Gujarat.

But, a marked increase in rains is on the anvil. In the east. A low is expected to form by tomorrow, off the T.N. coast, and, as a result, the state's coast shall receive copious rainfall from tomorrow. Chennai is also in for some heavy rains from Thursday evening.
The low will ride on an easterly pulse, and travel west, across T.N. and precipitate rains over Kerala as well on Friday.

Mumbai weather page updated.


NT said...

Cloudless skies for the last 2 hours now at Andheri (it was overcast since morning). Rain and clouds seem to have finally realised that it is end-November and time for them to leave, having over-stayed as unwelcome guests.

The weather forecasts by most sites seem to indicate clear skies for Mumbai for the next 10 days. Also, the IMD in it's noon forecast has indicated that minimum temperatures in West India can fall by 3-6 degrees. All in all winter seems to be finally taking the center stage (albiet like a reluctant participant who needs to be cajoled !!). Clear skies, crisp air - I am not complaining!!

Rajesh said...

nt, i feel the real winter temperatures will drop only after a explained in previous blog.

Posted Thursday 29th January afternoon: Mumbai/Pune Outlook for 21st Friday/22nd Saturday/23rd Sunday: Mumbai - Pleasant Friday with max/min...