Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The low over Saurashtra has now fizzled out. But I expect the clouding over Gujarat and North konkan to linger on till the weekend.
This is mainly due to the resultant UAC which will form over the region and persist for a couple of days.
Would expect more cloudiness than rain in the Gujarat /Mah region till the weekend. Light rains in some areas of the 2 states and South Rajashtan could be expected.Some residual precipitation may occur on the Sindh coastline (eastern end).

There were some queries regarding the estimated new system to form in the Bay. Vagaries is always cautious, and will chase and follow the projected low after it forms and enters the Andaman Sea. At the moment it is nowhere in sight !
In fact, for this weekend, I see the rains diminishing in intensity in the central peninsula and coastal A.P/North T.N. coasts.

Mumbai Weather page updated with forecast.Space News also updated.

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