Friday, November 12, 2010

Jal and remnant off spring upsets the current weather all over central and NW India.. Major rise in night temperatures last 2 nights in Mah. central India and NW India.All due to moisture incursion all over this region from remnant of Jal and UAC.Lows in Jeur in Madhya Mah. +10c above normal, and Aurangabad +9c.above. Mostly all between +3c - +6c. Today, Rajasthan cities also +10c above normal, and Delhi +5c at 17c ! All NW +5c - +8c above ! Rainfall heavy with thunder in Central India and Vidharbha on Thursday. 60 mms in Indore, 41mms in Bhopal. 48 mms in Chandrapur and 40 mms in Nagpur ! These are amongst the heaviest on Thursday. On Thursday again, Heavy downpours in Saurashtra/Kutch. Nakhtrana-70 mms, Bhuj-60 mms, Kalyanpur-50 mms Ranawav-40 mms.

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