Monday, August 28, 2023

Posted 28th Afternoon 


Of the normal August rainfall (Monthly rain), actual rain till 28th is only 23% in Colaba and 30% in Santacruz. 

A significant reduction in rainfall is expected for Mumbai region from 28th/29th August onwards, till September 3rd/4th.Westerly winds from the Arabian Sea are likely to weaken. Hot and humid weather is expected, with sunny periods, maximum temperature rising to 33C, and partly cloudy skies with a small chance of localized light showers.

Pune and Madhya Maharashtra: With westerly winds reducing, daytime temperatures can rise to 32C or higher. Localized light to moderate 'convective' rain/thundershowers may develop during the afternoon/evening...otherwise, mainly dry weather is expected. 

Rain (if any) will not be well distributed. 

Expected Scenario:

700 hPa winds to turn northeasterly over north Maharashtra and N konkan during 30th-31st August.

Airmass is very dry in mid levels...otherwise good heavy TS would have been possible in parts of Maharashtra.

Lot of dry air behind the WD which recently affected Northern states/UTs.

Marathwada and Vidarbha: Mainly dry weather. Some districts can get localized light rain/thundershowers during the afternoon/evening in a few places. Rain will not be evenly distributed. 

मराठवाडा आणि विदर्भ - प्रामुख्याने कोरडे हवामान. काही जिल्ह्यांमध्ये दुपार/संध्याकाळी काही ठिकाणी स्थानिक स्वरूपाचा हलका पाऊस/ मेघगर्जनेसह पाऊस पडू शकतो. पावसाचे समान वितरण होणार नाही.

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Rajesh said...

Sridu, life,:Monsoon withdrawal will start from West Rajasthan on 2nd week of September.
And cover north India withdrawal by 3rd week.
Maharashtra will get Thunderstorms from lwc from mid September.
Withdrawal could start in 1st week of October.

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