Sunday, August 06, 2023

Posted 6th August Night:

Synoptic Scenario: The Monsoon Trough Lies North of its normal Position. typical of "Break Monsoon" scene with "Ridges"....Likely to remain the till 11th August.

(Vagarian Gokul Twitter)

Heavy Rainfall Expected in Gangetic Plains of U.P. and Bihar. Potential flooding in Gangetic Plains next week


Mumbai: Looking at the rains last 4 days, 

MUMBAI CITY : Daily.   .August 1st  -5th August 👇

COLABA   mms           1.8,    10.8,    0.6,    1.6,    2.6,    0.0,

SANTACRUZ -mms     2.6,     2.0,    1.4,     3.6,    6.3     0.3

*We feel the same trend will continue next week. ( 7th -11th Aug.)

*The Monsoon will be weak with scanty showers. Upto 7-10 mms/day. Days around 28/29c

*Most rainy will be after Saturday 12th. 

Pune/Aurangabad: Partly cloudy and maybe warm and sunny. With very little rainfall.

Aurangabad farmers: With some watering later in the week. need weeding and cleaning before watering.

Goa: Light to moderate showers during the week. Not exceeding 10-12 mms/day.

Jalgaon: Week will be sunny and light to medium rains..around 7-10 mms/day.

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