Sunday, August 27, 2023

Fairly good rains in ghats & Lakes improves water situation.           👉👉

Konkan Goa monsoon rainfall (1901-2022)

Konkan Goa subdivision rainfall is increasing at the rate of 61.8mm/decade in the monsoon season for the period 1901-2022.

Driest year was 1918 when konkan Goa subdivision got only 1051.7mm rain.
Wettest year was 2019 when Konkan Goa got 4385.8mm rain.

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sridu said...

Hi Rajesh, Is the season coming to an end, most of north looks quiet dry & also 200 hpa wind seems to be reversing.. If this happens it could be deficient monsoon season, your comment pls🙏🙏

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