Thursday, July 14, 2022

Maharashtra: Thursday Evening: Satellite colour Image

Weekend Outlook : 15th/16th/17th July

Mumbai: Rains gradually reducing now...From  Friday decrease in rains. 

Saturday/Sunday: With some bright spells on Saturday & Sunday, there will be few passing showers. 

Pune: Decrease in rainfall, with some passing moderate showers this weekend. Light rains not exceeding 5-10 mms/day.

Lonavala/Mahabaleshwar Ghats: Frequent heavy showers...upto 75-90 mms/day...with foggy conditions. Motorable with care..

Goa: Frequent showers, occasionally heavy...around 40-60 mms/day expected.

Bharuch: Light rainfall, not exceeding 10-20 mms/day. No major disruptions.

Low Pressure expected off Saurashtra Coast (Western Side);

Kathiawar/ Kutch: 16th/17th: Pocket pop ups of heavy rains expected in many regions..some isolated falls could be very heavy.


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