Saturday, July 09, 2022

Posted 9th July Afternoon

Image Credits:IMD

Amarnath Tragedy: What exactly happened? FAQs below:

Q. What is a Cloudburst?

-- A Cloudburst is an extreme amount of precipitation in a short interval of time.

Q. When can we say that there is a Cloudburst?

-- As per the official agency IMD's criterion, only if there occurs rainfall with a fall rate of greater than or equal to 100mm in one hour, then it is termed as Cloudburst 

Q. Was there a Cloudburst in Amarnath? 

-- No, it was not! Amarnath Holy Cave station had recorded only 30mms of rainfall till 5:30pm when the actual tragedy took place.  There was a mudslide from the valley behind where the rain could have been a bit more (A highly localised rainfall activity) which then caused flash flooding around the Amarnath Cave's vicinity.

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