Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Post of 5th July Evening:

* Mumbai : On Wednesday 6th Mumbai (MMR)will see a brief day's let up with decrease in Rains (30-60 mms) as compared  to last 24 hrs rain (100-150 mms) .. More rains again from Thursday/ Friday.

* Mumbai recorded 30-60 mms rain in daytime Tuesday (9 hrs.)

* Mumbai Lakes at 15% Storage (5th July).

*Pune: Light rains on Wednesday and cool day at 27c. More rains on Thursday.

* Goa will see heavy rains for the remaining part of this week. 

* BB-5 has moved thru Central India and is pushing into Gujarat, with heavy rains on 6th..Later into South Pakistan Coast.

* Another Low, BB-6, will form in the Bay later this week (8th)...and will move West from Odisha Coast. BB-7 will show up as the 3rd Low in this series next week...tracking thru Central India (it seems).

* All India Monsoon deficit at -3% now...Should be in positive range soon.

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