Monday, July 04, 2022

 Panji Goa 208 mms till 8.30

Mumbai Scruz 63 mms till 11.30pm

Mumbai: Increase in Rainfall in Mumbai Region and very heavy in Konkan Goa. Very heavy rains expected Monday 4th  evening and on Tuesday 5th Mumbai may cross 100 mms from Monday Evening - Tuesday evening. Potential flooding in some regions.

Lakes levels will improve.


suresh said...

This year it appears rains were not all that widespread. lake areas still require huge spells, but that is lacking. quite strange. hardly 12 to 14 percent storage. worrying water levels

NilaY Wankawala said...

Happy to note Lakes level to improve

sset said...

Mumbai Navi mumbai torrential flooding rains. Looks like dump of 300mm

Rainfall for the period 1-3-2023 to 31-5-2023

    Number of Districts with above normal rainfall         :    504     Number of Districts with below normal rainfall         :    209     ...