Friday, July 22, 2022

 22nd July....

The Monsoon Axis in normal position now, rains expected in Rajasthan on 22nd and 23rd..Good rains Jaipur expected. 

But, increased rains expected in  West Rajasthan (Jodhpur 40 mms or more) on Sunday  24th.

24th, axis moves South and creates an embedded low around Sindh.

Heavy rain expected in Kutch and moderate to heavy in Saurashtra on Sunday 24th & 25th Monday.

Heavy rainfall expected in Sindh. Including Karachi. Karachi can expect rains exceeding 100 mms cumulative on Sunday & Monday(As of now).

Mumbai sees a moderate  increase in 🌧 rainfall on Saturday (evening) and  Sunday 24th.

Pune too will see more frequent rain 🌧 on Sunday 24th.

With westerlies weakening, Thundershowers likely to continue for Bangalore and south interior Karnataka as well as Tamil Nadu

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