Saturday, June 11, 2022

 11th June:

West coast offshore trough seen developing as explained in earlier blog (of June 7th. Resultant from Jet streams).

 With westerlies strengthening till 600-700 hPa level along Karnataka Coast, , SWM further advanced up the west coast till South Konkan. (Actual 11th June...Estimated 12th June)

Goa: Intermittent Monsoon Showers.

However, the surge is stronger over coastal areas, so more rain will be confined to the coastal belt. 

SWM line passing across Vengurla, , Belgaum, Bangalore, Chennai and into northeast India. 

Seeing the Upper Winds and Jet Streams, Further progress expected into Konkan by 13th..

Northeastern states to witness further increase in rainfall starting next week.

Mumbai/Pune: Occasional Pre Monsoon Thunder Showers. 

Co-author vag. Shreyas

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