Tuesday, June 07, 2022

7th June... 2022

Monsoon over Kerala as a weak current. Advanced upto Kochi... As Kochi Radar showing Westerly depth

Weak Because the upper winds are stubbornly NW  (not SW)

Monsoon, the seasonal change can be said to establish today as the dominating 200 jets are in place. 

Today's 850 ⬇

Monsoon advancing into Coastal Karnataka & South Konkan/Goa in the next 4 days. 

Maharashtra Entry in South Konkan & South Madhya Maharashtra & Pune by 13th...

Mumbai, has been missing the Pre Monsoon rains. Starting by 8th/9th, the city may see some rainfall , being  lighter to moderate  for at least two to three days, i.e. between June 8 and 10.

Proper onset of Monsoon in Mumbai by 15th.

Pre Monsoon Thunder Showers in Aurangabad & Parts of Marathwada on 9th/10th.

Monsoon in Marathwada also around 15th/16th.

मान्सून महाराष्ट्र दक्षिण कोकण आणि दक्षिण मध्य महाराष्ट्र आणि पुण्यात १३ तारखेपर्यंत दाखल होईल...

मुंबईत मान्सूनपूर्व पाऊस झालेला नाही. 8/9 तारखेपासून, शहरात थोडा पाऊस पडू शकतो, किमान दोन ते तीन दिवस हलका ते मध्यम असेल, म्हणजे 8 ते 10 जून दरम्यान.

15 तारखेपर्यंत मुंबईत मान्सूनची योग्य सुरुवात.

9/10 रोजी औरंगाबाद आणि मराठवाड्याच्या काही भागात मान्सूनपूर्व गडगडाट.

मराठवाड्यातही मान्सून १५/१६ च्या आसपास.

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