Wednesday, June 15, 2022

15th June  Morning  24 hrs Rainfall  Amounts  of The Super Stars

Mawsynram :710.6 mm

Sohra(Cherrapunjee) recorded 811.6 mm rainfall in past 24 Hours(0830 IST of yesterday to 0830 IST of today). 

This is 7th Highest 24 hour rainfall for Cherrapunjee.  Highest ever record is 1563.0 mm on 16 June 1995.( Info by PJ)

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Dattaraj said...

As per IMD, Chirapunji recorded 972mm on 16-Jun. Breaks its own record in 2022. Last 3 days for King is,
14-Jun: 911
15-Jun: 650+
16-Jun: 972

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