Thursday, June 30, 2022

June. Cherra 5343 mms

Total from Jan..10213 mms

Mawsynram June 5429 mms

Total from Jan 10684 mms

2022...Mumbai Rainfall..

Santa Cruz    292 mms .(-245)

Colaba            361 mms (-181)

Compare with last 10 years June rainfall

2012   299 mms,   2013   1030 mms

2014   87 mms,     2015   1106 mms

2016   697 mms,   2017   523 mms

2018   792 mms,    2019   515 mms

2020   395 mms,    2021   961 mms.

Lowest June rainfall ever at Scruz Record...87 mms, Colaba 55 mms...2014.

Lakes today are very Low at 10% Storage only (17% Last year this Date)

Mumbai: Outlook:

Next 3/4 days, from 30th-4th July, Mumbai can see a improvement in rain intensity, maybe to the extent better than the last month's rainfall frequency.. Frequent showers with heavy falls expected in the next 3/4 days till Monday 4th.July. Lake levels will go up from10%.

With negative IOD, we see small scope of major improvement in Mumbai rains , in the first 10 days of July. There could be some meaningful change after the 10th of July.

Marathwada (Aurangabad) and Madhya Maharshtra (Pune/Nasik)will not see much increase in rainfall next 4/5 days. The intensity of rains will not show major increase, but scattered showers will continue.

मराठवाडा (Aurangabad)आणि मध्य महाराष्ट्रात (Pune/Nasik) पुढील ४/५ दिवस पावसात फारशी वाढ होणार नाही. पावसाच्या तीव्रतेत मोठी वाढ होणार नाही, परंतु विखुरलेल्या सरी सुरूच राहतील


Pankaj said...

Rajeshji, is there any correlation between high ranifall in north east states and low rains in west as per past rainfall history?

sset said...

Maharashtra flooding rains. Non stop torrential rains over Navi Mumbai.

We are seeing unique combination. Extreme rains over north east India, monsoon axis has moved north, konkan west coast has become hyperactive flooding torrential rains.

Sad part as usual kerala no rains

Ranjith Gowda said...

Can you post all India rainfall toppers also?

Rajesh said... link between NE rainfall and West coast. NE rains are due to extended axis trough ,like niw, or system curving from the Bay.

All India toppers were not put up this time. Will put up.

 13th July:Mumbai lakes at 25% Storage today And rainfall last 24 hrs 👇 Ghat region of Maharashtra top 5👇