Friday, September 10, 2021

Posted 9th August Late Night

Formations of circular winds are developing in Northeast Bay.                        (850 hpa) 

Another low pressure area, BB 11, second in September, is likely to form over Bay by 10th/11th.  It is likely to become well marked in next 24 hours.

The low pressure area is expected to track west of northwest over states of , Chhattisgarh and M.P

The system will bring precipitation  across , Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

Under the influence of this low pressure, rainfall activity will increase between 14th and 20th September, over the central parts of the country. 

The remnant of previous BB10 is now lying as a Circulation over West Madhya Pradesh East Rajasthan This is going to stagnate over the same region for the next 2 days, 11th & 12th. Rainfall continues for 2 days in this region. 

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir will it rain in Mumbai in coming days.?

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