Wednesday, September 22, 2021

BB-12 effect rainfall in West Bengal as on 21st 
Sagar Island 21 cms, Dum Dum 13 cms, Salt Lake 12 cms, Canning, DH 11 cms, Barrackpur IAF 10 cms, Durgachak, Sinril 9 cms, Midnapore 7cms & Kolkata (A) 6 cms.

Season's Total in Kolkata on 22nd: DumDum 1881 mms ( +729 mms)
Alipore 1615 mms(+454 mms)
Diamond Harbour: 2176 mms (+ 1055 mms)

(Weather of Kolkata /Santosh is a keen Vagarian follower also)
Gujarat Heavy Rainfall amounts in mms 24 hrs ended 22 Morning



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