Wednesday, September 01, 2021


During August this year, Goa received the lowest rainfall in the last 8 years that Weather Vagaries Goa has kept records.

As per IMD, Goa Centre data, Goa received just 368 mm area weighted average rainfall in August this year, compared to a normal of 703 mm - a deficiency of 47.7% (see Chart)

Compared to the August rainfall for 2019 and 2020, this year’s August rainfall is deficient by a whopping 68.4%!

However due to the excess seasonal rainfall of 14% as of July end, the overall deficiency as of August end this year is limited to just 3%.

Against a seasonal normal of 2670 mm from June 1 to Aug 31, Goa has received 2603 mm (102.5 Inches) this year. Last year the period had recorded 3461 mm of record rainfall. (see Chart)

ernem continues to be the wettest place with 132 inches of rainfall in three months, followed by Quepem and Valpoi. (See Chart. Data from IMD, Goa Centre and Weather Vagaries Goa Rain Gauge at Margao).

Last two years were above normal monsoon over India.

It is very unusual to have more than 2 years with above normal rainfall.

With just one month of September remaining for the monsoon season, we will see if this is indeed true!

Compiled by Vagarian Atul Naik (Goa)


Unknown said...

Rajesh, may I request you to provide a fresh update for North Gujarat rains ? For next 2 weeks ? Just from a sowing season perspective. Thanks.


sset said...

Gujarat umergaon 400mm in 24hrs.
Extreme rains for maha guj. Thane vashi belapur in 150-200mm rains.

Definetly maha increasingly becoming wetter. Kerala karnataka may encounter drought

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