Saturday, September 25, 2021

 25th : Noon IST

BB-13: Deep Depression strength and Locations as per various Members:


Date (mmddhhmm): 09250323

SATCON: MSLP = 992 hPa    MSW = 51 knots

SATCON Member Consensus: 50.0 knots
Pressure -> Wind Using SATCON MSLP: 54 knots

ADT: 990 hPa    53 knots    Scene: CDO    Date: SEP250515

CIMSS AMSU: 996 hPa    42 knots ( 77 Kmph)      Date: 09250323

ATMS: 995.1 hPa    37.9 knots ( 68 Kmph)   Date: 09241925

IMD :The estimated winds are at 55-65 kmph ( 1 minute & 3 minutes sustained wind speeds will differ)

Strengthening and heading towards Odisha /North A.P. as a Cyclone (Gulab) @ ( 65-75 kmph)

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sset said...

Looks like massive drought for southern india karnataka and kerala. No rains in Cauvery since start of june. all 4 cauvery resorviours are bad state. rains are failing in lower latitutes.
With no signs of swm withdrawl - only maharashtra, central india are benefiting excess rains.
worst swm 2021 for southern india - no systems in lower latitudes.
nem is big questions and swm is delayed by useless upper bay systems.

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