Thursday, August 20, 2020

Posted Thursday 20th Noon:

 Weather for Marathwada:From Friday 21st,  Much needed relief for the farms.Rains reduce from Friday for the next 4 days. With possibility of some sunshine also. The weather will help the standing cotton and maize crops.


BB-5 ! Now deepening and moving West..Thru M.P, and into North Gujarat Regions and Kutch.

Saurashtra and South Gujarat region coast will get moderate to heavy showers on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd....More weekend details on Friday . 

BB-4 rainfall in Odisha as on 20th Morning (From Vag.Mitan Batu)



Papadahandi-280mm, Nawarangpur-243mm

Th.Rampur-230mm, Mahanga-199mm

Kotpad-195mm, Bhandaripokhori-178mm

Jeypore-178mm, Kundra-174mm


Nandahandi-170mm, Piringia-163mm

Khariar-163mm, Rajnagar-160mm


Dabugan-155mm, Kalampur-154mm

Siniligula-152mm, Ghasipur-148mm

Dharamsala-144mm, Earsama-141mm

Khoirput-135mm, Bari-133mm

Phulbani-132mm, Boilariguda-132mm

Tangi-129mm, Koraput-129mm

Kasipur-129mm, Aul-128mm

Rajkankika-127mm, Ghatagoan-126mm

Tentulikunti-126mm, Parjang-125mm

Tirtol-124mm, Dasarathpur-121mm

Barchana-121mm, Puinatala-120mm

Duduka-120mm, Jajpur-116mm

Mathili-116mm, Odopada-115mm

Rasulpur-114mm, Binjarpur-108mm

Another Rainy Morning for Delhi NCR, 

Rainfall till 8:30 am 20th: 

Gurgaon 158mm

Ayanagar 122.8mm, Faridabad 102.0mm

Delhi AP: 89.1mm, Ridge 77.3mm

LodhiRoad 62.4mm, NewDelhi 54.8mm

Chandigarh 19.8 , Chandigarh (IAF) 20.0 , Ambala 6.6 , Hisar 33.6 , Karnal 30.8 , Narnaul  56.0

Data:IMD Regional.& Navdeep.

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