Saturday, August 22, 2020

Posted Saturday 22nd:

BB-5 tracks West and batters West M.P.: 

️West Madhya Pradesh rains till 8:30am
Rains in millimetres, minimum 100mm
🌨            🌨     
Sehore 316mm
Indore 263.4mm
Badnagar 240mm
Khategaon (Dewas) 232mm, Badnawar (Dhar) 225.2mm
Arera hills (Bhopal) 215.4mm, Bhopal 210.6mm
Shujalpur (Shajapur) 200mm, Bareli (Raisen) 196mm
Vidisha 188mm, Hoshangabad 182.2mm
Narsingarh (Rajgarh) 145mm, Timarni (Harda)
Ujjain 115mm, Harsud (khandwa) 105mm
Barwaha (khargon) 104mm, Shajapur 103mm

Compiled by Amit Mishra.


sset said...

Year after year excess rains over Maharashtra and Gujarat, extended SWM is only leading to drought over Southern India. Apart from SE India aridity, even Kerala and coastal KAR rains are alarmingly decreasing. Huge shift in climate pattern,.

Saurabh said...

South India is having a very good monsoon.

The only state with a clear decreasing rainfall trend is Harayana.

sset said...

RAJ pounded by extreme torrential rains 300-400mm! Widespread rains!

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