Friday, August 07, 2020

Weather Kowledge (13) Updated..Please see for more Meteorology Terms

Posted Friday 7th  afternoon:

 Weather for Farmers in Aurangabad District:

There will be less and little rainfall in the region from Friday 7th to Tuesday  11th.Around 5-10 millimetres per day. With sunshine in the daytime, the chances of the fields and crop getting some dry period is possible. Getting a little warm.

Rainfall may increase from Wednesday


The Low pressure BB-2 now lies over South West M.P.

An UAC prevails off the South Gujarat Coast.

Systems are likely to track West and weaken, and fizzle out.

Thus a decrease in rains over Gujarat for 4 days till BB-3 forms in the North Bay around 9th and tracks Westwards.

Mumbai: Friday and Saturday will get some relief from the Heavy rains. The showers will be less frequent and the rain intensity reduced than last 2 days.Sunday will be cloudy with slight increase in frequency of showers. 

Mumbai Lake Levels improve to 46% storage after 99-122 mms in the 5 Main Lakes yesterday.

Pune : Light showers upto 10 mms per day in the weekend. Cool weather.

Goa with a wettish weekend will get moderate to heavy showers, around 35-45 mms per day.

Delhi NCR: Hot and sparse rains, that is the weather now !...But soon to see a change, with rains approaching after Sunday. Thunder showers on Sunday evening thru Monday, bringing relief from the heat. 

Karachi: As mentioned and explained on 4th post, from the off shore UAC,  Karachi got good showers on 6th and 7th.( 68 mms). Showers of medium intensity will continue on 7th. Decrease after Saturday 8th.

See Climatology Page Updated 

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sanjeev Gokhale said...

Thank you sir for your regular updates. Will BB-3 bring rain in Maharashtra specially water supplying lakes areas?

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