Friday, August 21, 2020

 Posted Friday 21st Noon:

BB-5 ! Now deepening and moving West..Thru M.P, and into South Rajasthan, North Gujarat Regions and Kutch.

Weather Alert: As BB-5 tracks West, we can expect heavy rains on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd in South Rajasthan, North Gujarat regions and Kutch.

Patan ( Gujarat ) will get very heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday. Can record upto 100 mms.

Heavy rains expected in Ahmadabad and surroundings also on Saturday/ Sunday. Could touch .100 mms .Saurashtra and South Gujarat region coast will get moderate to heavy showers from Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd and Monday 24th.....

Surat  can expect heavy rains on Saturday 22nd and Sunday...Same with Bharuch. .

M.P. will get Moderate to heavy showers on Friday and Saturday. Jabalpur will get showers ad moderate rains on 21st and 22nd, as well as  heavy showers in Indore on 22nd/23rd..upto 80-100 mms..

Mumbai: After a steady rain on Friday, decrease in rains by evening. Saturday and Sunday will see occasional spell of showers..No cause for flooding or water logging as showers may not persist for longer duration.

Thane: Weekend with occasional spells of showers. some heavy and persisting. 

Pune: For this weekend, Mostly cloudy and cool weekend. A few spells of showers in different parts of Pune. 

Outlook for 22nd Saturday and Sunday 23rd

No increase in rainfall for Aurangabad District this weekend,

Goa: Occasional spells of showers with about 30-40 mms/day

Kolhapur: Light to medium showers, upto 10-15 mms/day.

Southern Sindh Coast of Pakistan will get some showers in some parts on Friday and Saturday 22nd. Then, Karachi can expect showers of medium intensity on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th.

The system weakens after crossing the dry regions.


shiekhz said...

Rajesh Sir Karachi?

shiekhz said...

South Pakistan?

Chetna said...

Mawsynram ka total rainfall bataao 2020 ka 1 june se 21 August tak ka

Rajesh said...

shiekhz: Updated your region in blog.

Chetna said...

Mawsynram me 1 june se 21 August tak kitni mm rain hui hae

shiekhz said...

Load of thnx boss

Anand said...
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