Saturday, August 15, 2020

Cherrapunji crosses 10K mark & back at home ghats Amboli crossed 6K & Tamhini achieved 5K mark on 15-08-2020

World's Wettest place, Cherrapunji's crosses 10000 mm milestone Achievement details is as follow:

Pre-Monsoon Rainfall total till 31st May was 2469 mm

Seasonal Current Monsoonal Rainfall so far from 1st June till date 15 Aug 2020 stands on 7585 mm

So with this Annual Rainfall so far since 1st January till 15th August stands on 10,054 mms!

In Maharashtra ghats we have our wettest spots Amboli & Tamhini who also achieved 6K & 5K mark respectively !

Amboli in Sindhudurg district which is near of Sawantwadi town, achieved 6K mark ! As Seasonal Rainfall stands on 6175 mms till date.

Let us see how Amboli achieved the same with it’s monthly basis Rainfall in mm

June 2016
July 2324
Aug 1835 till date

Tamhini hill station in Pune district which is nearest tourist destination for Punekars, today achieves 5K mark after recording 230 mm rainfall ending 8.30 am today ! As Seasonal Rainfall stands on 5200 mms till 15 Aug 2020.

Let us see how Tamhini achieved the same with it’s monthly basis Rainfall in mm

June 1100
July 1770
Aug 2330 till date

Also Tulshi lake (Mumbai) in Kanheri Hills forest within city limits becomes first station in MMR to cross 3000 mm mark ! As seasonal Rainfall stands on 3026 mm till 15 Aug 2020

Note: For Aug Amboli data even more can be possible but currently assumed tentatively & Tamhini has rounded of total


sset said...

SWM 2020 seems Marathwada scoring better compared to Vidarbha.
Aurangabad about to touch 1000mm - by end of SWM may even reach 1200mm -1500mm!

sset said...

Mumbai is in extreme large excess of > 1000mm. Another spell of rain soon Mumbai will touch 3000mmm! Mumbai overtakes KAR Mangalore !
August we do not see any break monsoon with sunny spells. Entire Mumbai months together rain with dark gloomy days cutoff from sun light.

Unknown said...

Good to read this. August has been splendid for SWM in all its glory. Importantly it has rained heavily in the Ghats and catchment areas. The farmers would be delighted with this.

And Vagaries as always giving us crucial updates adds to the joy of SWM every season.


Ron said...

Excellent recovery in Aug.Ghats benefiting from the low pressure in bob.

Deepak said...

Rajesh sir it was rainy day today since morning intermittent rain still going in Mira road with dark clouds hovering any reason for this and what are views on this for Comming days in Mumbai and suburbs as there is series of bay low

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